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  1. Double V

    What tool for coding some retrofits

    Can Carista activate VIM on A5 B9.5 with a click of a button or do we require coding (have no knowledge on that). Thanks
  2. Double V

    B9 B9.5 - Video In Motion finally!

    Hi is this available on A5 B9.5 as well ? Just got delivery of new A5 Sportsback Black Edition B9.5. I have OBD11, what else do I need ? Is it simply turning on a feature ?
  3. Double V

    Audi A5 (Facelift) (B9.5?) Styling Parts

    Did you find any parts for B9.5 ?
  4. Double V

    Puddle & Door Lights eBay

    Just changed to all my 4 doors with AudiSport projector and replaced red reflector with red LED. Looks pretty good.
  5. Double V

    A5 B9.5 puddle lights

    Do we need to take the door trim off ?
  6. Double V

    Bobby Singh's Audi S2 avant project

    Nice work. :)
  7. Double V

    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    My baby :)
  8. Double V

    Gloss black Sportback Audi rear badge

    Thanks, how much and will it fit Audi A5 2019 B9 Sportback ?
  9. Double V

    VCDS Supplier

    Okay so I got OBD11 Pro but nothing is working when i long press the green tick the change doesnt seem to happen and credits are still there. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?
  10. Double V

    VCDS Supplier

    Anyone here with OBD11 ?
  11. Double V

    VCDS Supplier

    Yes, thank you. Will I only need OBDeleven or combination of both (VCDS and OBD). Basically I want needle sweep and ambient/contour lighting, will I be able to enable these via just OBDeleven pro version ? Or do I still need to do VCDS afterwards ?
  12. Double V

    Red LED in doors?

    Very useful information. :)
  13. Double V

    Gloss black Sportback Audi rear badge

    Have you still got this ?
  14. Double V

    VCDS Supplier

    Whats the difference between VCDS and OBDeleven ?
  15. Double V

    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    Mine from the Paris trip last year.
  16. Double V

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Nice. :)
  17. Double V

    Air bag light staying on after fitting RS grill

    Thank you for your quick response. The seller is out of stock :( I cannot find it anywhere else who sells with the logo. Xenonx UK sells them but wihtout logo.
  18. Double V

    Air bag light staying on after fitting RS grill

    I have been looking for B9 RS5 grill. How long did it take to arrive ? and where do you pay custom charges ? Sorry never ordered anything outside UK before.
  19. Double V

    Gloss black Sportback Audi rear badge

    Will this be same for the 2018 model ?