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  1. Poopsie1978

    Euro jap look … thoughts ?

    I'm thinking of going with 8 and 9x17 jap style wheels on the wagon what's everyone's thoughts, wasn't a fan before but I'm warming to it now. Obviously I'm gonna get coilies first, then hmmmm maybe gold rota grids on this …… Wish I could use photo choppy shoppy thing !
  2. Poopsie1978

    Lowering springs on OEM shocks

    They are a little crunchy but it's wallowy from side to side, much like when you get in a little row boat and it rocks from side to side !
  3. Poopsie1978

    Favourite TV Adverts??

    Well that's a little naughty !
  4. Poopsie1978

    Love the sound of this audi 200

    Damn I need another powerful retro car !
  5. Poopsie1978

    My Other Vag

    This was mine but she had to go , Miss the power and well generaly everything about her to be honest. Bet that bus goes like a rocket.
  6. Poopsie1978

    water pump renewal today hmmm !

    water pump renewal today hmmm !
  7. Poopsie1978

    Lowering springs on OEM shocks

    Red sport shocks and 40mm drop of unknown make …… As oranoco said, it's a little barge like but sits quite nicely, in all honesty I think my shocks are tired also as it's wallowy too.
  8. Poopsie1978

    200 K Club

    30 k and I'm there !
  9. Poopsie1978

    Newbie from kent

    Hello Sandra I'm in gillingham, it seems friendly enough.
  10. Poopsie1978

    Newbie from kent

    New to the site thought I'd say a quick hello ……… hello. This is my a4 avant (South African import) unsure of colour ,Ile dig out the code unless someone can tell me what it is ? Anyway when I got her …… And after some playing about …… Putting a badge back on the tailgate as I'm unsure...
  11. Poopsie1978

    She's in a right estate

    She's in a right estate