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  1. NHN

    Resetting Exhaust Valves RS3 8V FL DAZA

    Try as you state, as there possibly isn't a position sensor, without checking etka I can't be sure.
  2. NHN

    Auto dimming rear view mirror

    No it only goes one way but the wires on the mirror & door hinge connectors sometimes are.
  3. NHN

    3.2l v6 - Repeat limp-home

    Tbh if you're taking the engine out & you want to keep the car then do everything involved around the chain, doesn't look like you've got many choices tbh.
  4. NHN

    Auto dimming rear view mirror

    Cover rear sensor on passenger side of rear view mirror, shine torch on front & also cover the front screen combo light rain sensor by putting a dark cloth or clothing on the windscreen, if it still doesn't dim then the side mirror wires are crossed & this causes the dimming to not work, unplug...
  5. NHN

    Door Lock Issue

    It's one of 3 things all of which I can repair, the door lock, door module water damaged or the hinge wiring broken. It takes a bit of work to remove the door card to gain access to get the door open without damaging things. Whereabouts are you located? I'm currently doing an A3 cab in...
  6. NHN

    RNS-D to RNS-E instructions?

  7. NHN

    Air con help!

    Be careful as some are refurbs at that price & cause no end of issues, great having a 2 year warranty but the cost of removal, fitting & gassing over & over adds up. Done 2 B7's recently & had the same conversation with clients.
  8. NHN

    Help Please Oil Pressure Regulator Valve

    Connector will come of without breaking, pic of yours?
  9. NHN

    Wireless Carplay Head Unit

    Fitting yourself or need an installer? Best to go with 4gb as 2gb is little slow tbh if android units.
  10. NHN

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to replace/recon S3 mechatronic

    I would definitely get a new unit, assuming you've condemned yours 100% as the module. You also have to factor in new filter, box oil if required plus time to remove, fit & calibrate road test.
  11. NHN

    Disabling 2005 Audi A3 8PA SportBack Brake pads warning light in the center cluster screen

    You don't need to go into the car, you usually splice in a new loom in the engine bay, it's a pain but that way it's resolved. I've done this for clients & it fixes the issue.
  12. NHN

    Air con help!

    Get a UV light in the bay & look for leaks around the compressor, it's probably this which would show due around the whole area & needs replacing, done quite a few B7's & generally it's a whole unit. I generally supply to clients for about £700, new ones from audi are about £1300 & some aren't...
  13. NHN

    Is something missing?

    Well given it's size, it looks like a fixing bolt for something to hold in place, he probably dropped it when working on the car & it's trickled down now. Looks familiar to other likewise bolts I've worked with.
  14. NHN

    Disabling 2005 Audi A3 8PA SportBack Brake pads warning light in the center cluster screen

    Just fix the problem then you don't need to worry about coding.
  15. NHN

    Project Audi complete!

    Sounds great, feel free to WhatsApp me mate.
  16. NHN

    Project Audi complete!

    Forest & foremost I wanted to thank you for your patience, personal situations delayed the work somewhat, so again I do appreciate that very much. Honestly was an absolute pleasure to work with you on this project, hurdles along the way we're overcome & with your assistance with research during...
  17. NHN

    Where to use copper grease

    Yeap very true, has to be by the book, hence why vag states renew lots of bolts although they're perfectly reusable, the steering wheel spline bolt is one example, use once but mines been on off many times & numerous years without so much as a hint of issue's, however it's only my life that's in...
  18. NHN

    Where to use copper grease

    I hear your pov. That's why I use snapon techangles myself to counter any excess to the best of abilities, but you also have to factor in age, possibly micro-millimetre stretch, variety of factors, but let's be honest, it's a wheel bolt & although it's stipulated 120-130nm, they can handle a...
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    RNS-D to RNS-E instructions?

    Sure do, WhatsApp me if you need me to install.
  20. NHN

    Spoiler Alert!

    With regard to fixing to a boot lid, sikaflex works fine just realise when it dries it sucks in & can pull the spoiler in a bit more, don't just use 3m as if that comes of whilst driving it could be very dangerous to other drivers.