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  1. wibble111

    Cam Belt Snapped :-(

    Could there be any unseen damage to the pistons though, like cracked maybe?
  2. wibble111

    Cam Belt Snapped :-(

    Theres a couple of bent valves, 2 pistons with dings in them off 2 of the valves, not had the pistons out so only see the dints. Cars done 140k and mint condition with lots of options on it, been quoted £1500 to get it done, trouble is im commuting 50 mile a day now in 206 diseasel so find...
  3. wibble111

    Cam Belt Snapped :-(

    Hi all, been a while since I posted but a few weeks ago my cam belt went on my S3, now I don't know what to do for the best, scrap it, break it, or sell it as is or repair and sell it, any advice??
  4. wibble111

    First time at santa pod!

    Evening all, well last saturday i had my first go down the 1/4 mile at santa pod, had a great time till my mate blew the diff up in his cossie, anyway i just wondered what sort of time a standard AMK S3 should be looking at, out of 4 runs my best time was 15.71 @ 85.71 mph.
  5. wibble111

    Washer Bottle Split :(

    To be honest ive not heard of them splitting before, mine split as i was daft enough to top it up without screen wash when going out in a hurry one night and i think it just froze, expanded and split it, but i have heard of the pipes from the washers leaking but the only way to tell IIRC is to...
  6. wibble111

    Washer Bottle Split :(

    Ive rang audi today and got the part number, apparantly if you have headlight washers you need the 5l but if not then the 3l version, just under £37 for the 5l one for me, just need to figure out how to change it without removing the bumper and headlight.
  7. wibble111

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    New gamertag for me is Ninjagogo Mostly on forza 3, forza 4, battlefield 3, or cod
  8. wibble111

    Washer Bottle Split :(

    Cheers for the link but im not sure if the A3 bottle is the same as the S3 as i have headlight washers
  9. wibble111

    Washer Bottle Split :(

    Morning all, well my screen wash bottle has decided to split spewing screen wash all ovver the place, question i have is does anyone know how to remove it, is it a bumper off job or can it be removed by unbolting the charcoal canister and getting it out that way? Also does anyone have a part...
  10. wibble111

    My audi A3 1.8T (Intro)

    Not a fan of the bodywork to be honest but it looks well fitted with no grand canyon gappage, but like others have said, its your car and thats what makes us all individual and if you like it fair play. Surely when you crashed it though you wasnt 'racing' on a public road :whistle2:
  11. wibble111

    when does your s3 come on boost.....?

    Apart from once a month lol
  12. wibble111

    footwell light guide

    Are they white or red lights??
  13. wibble111

    New N75 valve fitted :-)

    Basically i didnt mate, just unplugged it and the car was still the same ie very slow not feeling the pull of the turbo so after advice on here mainly from westy and tufty (cheers guys) i decided to try the N75 as my first thing to be eliminated, ideally could have done with swapping them over...
  14. wibble111

    New N75 valve fitted :-)

    Ha i have that light too intermittantly but its the lateral acceleration sensor but cycle the ignition and it goes away lol
  15. wibble111

    Grrrr thermostats!

    I personally allways go for OEM rather than aftermarket stuff, stories like this my main reason, plus i'll put the receipt in the car folder aswell as its all documentation for resale
  16. wibble111

    New N75 valve fitted :-)

    Evening all, well after my recent issues with hitting limp mode, turbo surging i picked up a new N75 today and fitted it, the car is totally diffrent now, cant believe how much better it is. Just need to sort a visit to r-tech now.
  17. wibble111

    Research done decisions made :) ( aarons engine build )

    ^^ +1 direct drive to the rear wheels :o.k:
  18. wibble111

    big thanks to badger5

    About £60 delivered, like jo says the sound is great lol, only trouble is im on and off the throttle a lot more haha
  19. wibble111

    big thanks to badger5

    well I took delivery of a jetex cone filter today from bill and just fitted it, great delivery as he was out of stock, also well chuffed with it, sounds great. getting ready for a trip to r tech soon :-)
  20. wibble111

    Window tinting opinions

    I've had a price for solar guard film for £70 for the rear 3 windows, not a bad price i didnt think.