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  1. cpc_s3

    Scum of the earth

    wow people really have reached a new low that is disgusting. thats a beheading if that ever comes near my house.
  2. cpc_s3

    8V VCDS Mods

    thanks mate. couldnt find it as the module is in german and im impatient. lol
  3. cpc_s3

    8V VCDS Mods

    has anyone enabled rear LED's for DRL? if so please shout
  4. cpc_s3

    8V VCDS Mods

    Disabled exhaust flap today via VCDS with help from Lee in Bristol. Car feels slightly pokier and sounds like an s3 should great little mod. Happy :) good night
  5. cpc_s3

    facelift saloon - get your orders in quick for the pre-faclift lol

    even happier with my 65 SB now hah that looks fugly!
  6. cpc_s3

    automatic or manual!

    i spend a good few weekends with the demo car with s-tronic great gearbox but i went with my gut instinct and got manual i just prefer to be in control and feel more involved i got bored of the demo car as the gearbox is brilliant for me it took my excitement a little i am a manual driver ive...
  7. cpc_s3

    Matt leBlanc co hosting Top Gear

    i said exactly the same thing. ridiculous matt le blanc seems so boring on tv everytime ive seen him in interviews. disappointed think i will be paying for amazon prime
  8. cpc_s3

    S3 dirty exhaust tips solution!

    i lik the sound of this i always removed flaps on r32s etc makes a difference and helps the exhaust flow and improved fuel consumption marginally. i will be getting under my slag this weeknd!!!! :) thanks lads
  9. cpc_s3

    S3 dirty exhaust tips solution!

    autosol is wicked stuff ive used it for years also i came across mothers - aluminium and chrome polish i use that it takes it stragith off it stys in the boot for quick clean. autosol is easily bought from halfords and use a microfiber cloth
  10. cpc_s3

    first service ££££

    thats a **** take id be kicking off about that. i got told family and friends rate for me oil change 150 squid. i dont know anything about dealership costs but if they take the **** ill being doing myself
  11. cpc_s3

    What is this? S3 8p

    swear it was for nokias lol my first 8p tfsi had this ****** me off lol
  12. cpc_s3

    S3 Wheel Spin..

    this happens to me usually not long after starting the car which i think because its on conti's which are hard wearing tyres and take a while to warm up. my m3s used to step out when cold with conti all the time. once theyre warmed up theyre good but take some time. otherwise i dont feel its the...
  13. cpc_s3

    (New member) Sepang S3 Sportback + APR stg 1.

    how much did that set you back for the remap?
  14. cpc_s3

    Quick S3 Saloon Review

    ive had around 30odd cars in the past 4.5 years and this s3 is the first brand new car ive bought and im not disappointed tfsi engines are brilliant. i really like the saloon. perfect size
  15. cpc_s3

    My New Glut Orange S3

    like that alot
  16. cpc_s3

    Is this normal s-line height? :/

    if its on the switch over year they may have put the older springs in alot of people make this mistake it happened to me on both my tfsi's 2006 but facelift. i had to get them to change it to the newer springs. as it looked like it was twerking.
  17. cpc_s3

    '14 S3 8V Project

    subscribed! i need some inspiration to start on mine its mainly weather stopping me!
  18. cpc_s3

    Santa Pod - January 31st

    this sounds good!!! i may be game
  19. cpc_s3

    Car finance.

    not from what i understand its just agreeing to the finance arranged you need to sign it off. im the same.
  20. cpc_s3

    loving my S3

    it does. i do love m cars massively. but i tell you my two favourites have always been m3s and s3s before rs3 was released ive owned several of each and both great fun in such different ways. the m3 is pretty unbeatable/.angry and almost un tamable if you dont know what yorue doing. the m4 to...