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  1. macpdm

    A little help Polo 16v

    Dear all Unless I partex it I will be selling my 98 6n Polo 16v with 70,000mls.I need something bigger now which is the reason for sale.It was only supposed to be a short term car but its been that good I have kept it for two years and done 8,000mls in it.Never let me down in all the time I...
  2. macpdm

    Vw Polo Dune

    Swmbo is wanting a Polo Dune and we were going to go for the 1.4TDi but having read a few horror stories of total engine failure including this one (see link). Its kind of put us off enough to start looking at the 1.4 petrol instead. Any body have any experiences, thoughts or comments...
  3. macpdm

    Looking for mechanic in Crewe anybody know him

    I heard there was a guy in Crewe Cheshire who works/worked for Awesome GTI. I think he runs a bright yellow Seat Leon Cupra. Anybody know him ?
  4. macpdm

    Audi A3 2005 2.0 TDI 140 Sport , Shaking on idle also slight knocking worse on a hill

    Mine also does exactly what you describe but just kind of got used to it.
  5. macpdm

    My Polo 16V

    Thanks dan yeah I was thinking CRB also the stiff clutch pedal could be clutch cable. I suppose I could buy something else and end up spending loads on that too ?
  6. macpdm

    My Polo 16V

    So we realised we cant survive on one vehicle so the search was on to find another car to join the Audi. Of course being me it had to come from the VAG stable and so I found this a 1999 Polo 1.4 16V which seem quite rare around here. Its got 58,000mls with 4 virtually new tyres a 12mth ticket...
  7. macpdm

    Reluctant to rev 2.0TDi

    The indy that normally services my car seems doubtful of turbo problems given its mileage of 67,000mls (sorry should have mentioned that). He thinks it could be a great many other things but is doubtful the turbo is at fault. I drove it all day yesterday with a long drive out to look at an old...
  8. macpdm

    Reluctant to rev 2.0TDi

    Thanks Mike I will get it checked out.
  9. macpdm

    Reluctant to rev 2.0TDi

    Afternoon all re 2004 A3 2.0TDi 8P2 Just wanted your opinions on this. I was accelerating with the rev counter at just over 3k when it felt like it didnt want to rev further. It continued to drive ok but seemed to slowly but reluctantly rev. I pulled over switched off then a few seconds later...
  10. macpdm

    private number plate

    Yep we have one on ours and love it but as mentioned keep it classy and legal. Sorry to hijack but what do peeps do about the VAG service history which references the old age related plate which we didnt retain ? We do have the official retention cert for the new private plate though and the...
  11. macpdm

    So since my accident i have done a few things... and what a journey its been!

    Each to their own but I love the grille in silver it keeps it looking classy and less gangsta :cool:
  12. macpdm

    Death to the A3 :(

    I was told a story by a very reliable source. A customers car was in for a service at the main dealer in this case it was VW but the dealer in question had the franchise for Audi too. Anyway the technician was seen to throw the brand new service parts into a skip as in his opinion they didnt...
  13. macpdm

    S3 gone , now in an R36!

    Ive seen these beasties in estate form but not seen one in saloon form. I think the seats are alcantara stylee so just look like that when you climb in and out due to suede leather effect. I used to have them in a Volvo S70R and they did this.
  14. macpdm

    Dirty B***H!!

    I also live out in the country and could not believe the state of the roads when out driving this afternoon. I prefer a clean car but its probably just me but sometimes a dirty car looks superb and the OP`s looks kinda cool.
  15. macpdm

    Spotted Cresta Court hotel Altrincham

    A black 8L S3 with private plate and a black 8P Sportback S-line TDi with roofrails & private plate parked next to each other in the carpark. Were they forum members ?
  16. macpdm

    Audi a3 2.0 tdi... Engine fell out!!

    I hear you brother and feel your pain glad your ok but some used car dealers really pee me off
  17. macpdm

    1993 Audi 80, 2.0

    Superb love to see these I remember when they were new and wanted one. A sales rep I knew had a brand new coupe with the 2.0 16v motor. I drooled over it back then and thought it went like stink. Well done buddy keep it up
  18. macpdm

    Tyre pressures for comfort

    No mine states 30 & 29 for lighter loads at most the car has 2-3 people travelling in it with little or no luggage. I think the pressures for heavier loads are similar to those you have quoted.
  19. macpdm

    Tyre pressures for comfort

    Thanks all Ive dropped the fronts to 28 and the rears to 27 from the recommended 30 & 29 which seems a nice compromise.
  20. macpdm

    Tyre pressures for comfort

    Morning all I checked the pressures this morning on my 8P2 2.0 TDI and the fronts were about 25psi and 24psi on the rears. I checked the fuel flap and increased the fronts to 30 and the rears to 29. The ride is a good bit firmer now but to be honest I preferred the ride with the pressures as...