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  1. Pii

    S3RYE's Build Thread

    So pleased for you!! Nothing better than having the car restored to it's full glory!
  2. Pii

    Single Grill Conversion Done....V6 S3 Hybrid!!! pic heavy

    The rings look much better Sarah! Good Stuff!! Your detailing skills keep growing. Fancy a drive down to London to sort out a tatty Audi?
  3. Pii

    MY11 Rear Lights

    It does indeed look smoked. Oh man... Might have to add these to my list too...
  4. Pii

    Big week for my car next 7 days! :-)

    Sounds like a hectic week you have coming up! As Sarah says it will be epic :sign_pics:
  5. Pii

    Smelly's back

    LOL - I can imagine you now stand proud next to the V6 rather than diving straight into the courtesy car where there maybe a crowd.
  6. Pii

    Smelly's back

    Welcome back Smelly! I'm pleased for you Paddy and I can't agree more that the V6 does indeed sound shaaweeeeat!! Hope your love for the motor is revived!
  7. Pii

    Some interior wrapping

  8. Pii

    Some interior wrapping

    Lovely car and the history of cars also! In terms of the wrap I'm undecided as the stereo now stands out to me. I am probably a little biased as I'm not the biggest fan of carbon although lately it has started to grow on me based on what I see on this forum. Quality of work looks good also...
  9. Pii

    Taking Cab skiing...

    Never used it myself but presumably it's quite obvious. Open and slide in :sly:
  10. Pii

    Most expensive mini ever?!

    43k new? what the? Strange, but I quite like it....
  11. Pii

    Personalized plates and legalities

    Well after all this info the decision is ultimately down to the individual - if they want to take it and risk the penalties after all.
  12. Pii

    Personalized plates and legalities

    lol - i aint ever taking the bus again!
  13. Pii


    Looking good!
  14. Pii

    Personalized plates and legalities

    Aythree you need to stop hanging out in South East London. Last time you went you saw the Peckham terminator as well!
  15. Pii

    Hi all! New car, few quick questions

    What a great first car! The guys have offered the best advice already so you are in good hands.
  16. Pii

    Personalized plates and legalities

    Sound advice mitch. Never knew about the Q-plate penalty.
  17. Pii

    To clean or not to clean....

    Looks so much better than mine. Think my exhaust needs to good clean also.
  18. Pii

    Personalized plates and legalities

    your name says it all Dave!
  19. Pii

    Personalized plates and legalities

    If you don't want the hassle then don't do it. Whatever excuse you have is irrelevant because if the officer sees fit then he will take it further. There is no guarantee; only how the officer feels on the day.
  20. Pii

    Decided it was time for a wheel change - Ibis S3 with black Rotiform BLQ's

    I looked at these a while back and bottled it as it something quite outside the box. Looks pretty good!