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    How much is this part worth?

    Hi, I have an ECS Tuning resonator delete pipe that I want to sell on eBay, but I'm not sure what to ask for it. It doesn't come with the clamp so it's just the bare pipe. Awesome are selling it new for £134 with the clamp. I did around 4k miles with it on, so I'm thinking maybe between £50 to...
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    S5 full fat V8 content

    This thread has been a god send in keeping my sanity whilst anxiously waiting for my 4 week old to settle! I’ve recently fallen in love with the idea of looking to purchase a manual AWD V8 and the S5 ticks all of the boxes. Where did you source the BE grill and have you done/thought about...
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    Scottish/northerners retrofit.

    @DJAlix I’m based in Edinburgh and would have the *** upgrade and Cruise Control retrofits, if you were to pop up. Thanks
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    This fell of my S3

    Ah I didn’t realise it was a jacking point - doesn’t seem like it would withstand my pressure though, only plastic? Thanks will try put back on at the weekend.
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    This fell of my S3

    S3 2014 Sportback here Went really slowly over a speed bump, but obviously not slowly enough, and a part fell off - any idea if having it off until I get it seen to will be detrimental? Came off just just behind and to the right of the offside front wheel. Thanks!
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    This is why the S3 is the car to steal

    Hmm what’s more risky, the Mrs driving my S3 or a thieve... and for the record I’m not stereotyping female drivers here, I’m referring to non-car enthusiast partners of either gender
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    I’m at a loss, please help! S3 8V intermittent rough idle.

    No worries - might enable some forum members who are mechanically skilled to chip in with a more accurate diagnosis.
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    I’m at a loss, please help! S3 8V intermittent rough idle.

    Can you capture footage and post it on here? I’m no mechanic but without seeing the issue it’s hard to tell.
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    I’m at a loss, please help! S3 8V intermittent rough idle.

    Are you running any hardware or software mods?
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    Yellow S3 - is this someone on here

    Looks nicked to me
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    Misfire but no fault codes

    Evening, I'm using the torque app and although no error codes are being stored, it appears when I run the tests that I have misfires on all cylinders, particularly cylinder 3 which has logged a count of 5 in the last run of spirited driving. Car is a 2014 S3 Sportback with c. 25k miles and has...
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    I’ve tried to order this but it only allows me to order from the US - UK says none available, will this still work? Thanks
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    2 policies, 1 claim

    Hi, I have 2 policies and my wife, a named driver on my Honda policy, had an accident last month and claimed losing the NCB on that policy. If I now get quotes on my Audi S3 (which my wife has and won’t be named) do I have to declare that claim for my Audi and my Honda when it comes to...
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    Facelift bcs res delete

    I’ve done some checking and can’t see anywhere that deleting a resonator will result in an MOT fail - I wouldn’t have thought they affected emissions? Unless they fail for noise levels now!!
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    Stop Start?

    I like it for when I'm waiting for the Mrs whilst she goes to the shops - refuse to go into shops these days unless its click and collect or Halfords...
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    0-230 Mph A gearbox enters emergency mode

    OP posted something similar to this last week - as suggested previously I would take this to a dealer/gearbox specialist asap.
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    Stop Start?

    Agreed - it's spring and still below 5... I believe my battery is on the blink due to the cold snap as my start/stop has also stopped working, though my S3 is 4 years old so this would make sense, I would get it checked by the dealer as you'll be covered under warranty, assuming you try the...
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    Which brake discs? More than one option

    Hi, Going to take advantage of the Euro car parts sale this weekend but more than one option comes up under my reg, does anyone know how I’d check which I should choose? I have 18 inch wheels. Thanks
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    Normal DV behaviour?

    Had the S3 flashed with a Superchips file 2 months back that ended up firing my DV off like a pressure cooker on crack at low boost, to then eventually send it into limp mode. Last month had the APR stage 1 map with TCU I stalled and have been very impressed until I’ve noticed at WOT in the...
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    Insurance increase because of the Snow.

    Yep worst I've ever seen it up here - the Mrs has a bump in our Civic, and with her only having passed her test 1.5 yrs ago will certainly put up our insurance. Was hoping to get her finally insured on the S3 but looks like that's out the window...or maybe that's a blessing in disguise?? :thumbs up: