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    Heated wing mirror fault - one side

    Hi all, My passenger side mirror has stopped heating up. Just that one, not the driver side. Thought I'd have a look at it, seeing as Audi dealer wants £120 to investigate. This thread seems pretty good on int. Is there a report somewhere in the software in-car that might tell me what the issue...
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    Door handle LEDs

    Hi all, Great thread, and a great Youtube video for taking the handle sleeve off. I've just had my driver side door handle light stop working. Its a 2016 - 2017 A4. Is the light fitting specific to the model? Based on this thread it also seems to be left side and right side dependent? Is that...
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    SD Card size in MMI system, 2017 A4

    Hi, I've done a bit of digging around after this post and it seems to be the number of files you have on an SD card rather than the size of the card itself. There seems to be a limit of 10k files per card. So I've split my music over and SD card and a USB stick, both plugged into different...
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    What the reason for 2 SD card slots? - MMI

    I formatted it as FAT32. I've done a bit of reading around and it appears as though there is a maximum number of files that can be read on the card. Another post seemed to think it was around 10,000 files, irrespective of how big your SD Card is. Seems a bit of a limitation, but it would explain...
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    SD Card size in MMI system, 2017 A4

    Hi all, I've got a 2017 A4 Quattro, 66 plate. It's got two SD card slots. One for Sat Nav, another for Multi media. The manual states that the maximum size card it can take is 128gb. Weirdly though the MMI system isn't finding all the files on the card. I copied a load of Mp3 files to the card...
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    What the reason for 2 SD card slots? - MMI

    I'm the same. I've got a 128gb SD card in my 66 plate A4 but the MMI system also cannot see all of the files on the card. MP3 files are present if I look on a laptop, but not in the car. Its weird.