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  1. petewon

    votex rear skirt help!!!

    The ABT ones not too bad, Ive bought from this seller before and his prices are canny
  2. petewon

    votex rear skirt help!!!

    No the original skirt should come off, its a pian in the **** to get off too. Its possibly easier to remove the whole rear bumper clip the bottom bit off then clip the new one on and refit the bumper. As boydie says make sure you get the correct one as theres a few and they dont all fit between...
  3. petewon

    Front Bumper Change

    Yeah thats what the translation said, Im guessing its just some type of thin plastic adheisive?? And the strips obviously go on seperatly. Ive never seen one fitted but might be ok for the price, certainly a lot cheaper than any other alterative Ive seen.
  4. petewon

    Front Bumper Change

    Hmmm interesting. After reading the description it seems its just some black foil and two chrome strips. It doesnt look to have the quality of the ABT one.
  5. petewon

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  6. petewon

    Front Bumper Change

    Looking good fella, wish I had of kept this now. Do you have any more pics of it?
  7. petewon

    Whats this fault symbol?

    As mentioned above, it could be the pad behind the disk thats worn.
  8. petewon

    1.8T misfire - can anyone help?

    Perhaps a problem with the ignition controll module or the cable between that and the coilpacks?? Heres a tutorial for testing the ignition module on other models. It may point you in the right direction Just a thought.
  9. petewon

    Difference between SE and Sport?

    Sport has lower/stiffer suspension, different wheels, 3 spoke steering wheel. I think SE may come with cruise controll too (does on the 8p). Theres a few other subtle differences but cant quite remember them at the moment.
  10. petewon

    Poor MPGs

    Well Ive owned the car (2.0fsi n/a) for about 4 months now and Ive seen it drop from 40 to 32 MPG over long journeys. Im thinking it may be to do with the colder weather but not sure that it would effect it this much. Ive checked air filter and that seems ok. Ive been trying to find the MAF in...
  11. petewon

    Food & Drink Forum

    Im deffo up for this. A recipe section would be good too. :)
  12. petewon

    My First Audi

    Check the paperwork to make sure the belt hasnt allready been done mate. I realy should have had it done by now. Is it a FWD or quattro mate?
  13. petewon

    New Audi A1 revealed on Tokyo Show

    I dont like it at all, the font end looks like a noddy car :undwech: Interior looks great tho, as per usual.
  14. petewon

    To ABT or not ABT???

    Well folk, Ive not got round to fitting mine and could do with the cash so if anyones after one mines for sale. £90 + p&p. Its on ebay at the moment but if anyone heres after it just give me a shout. Cheers.
  15. petewon

    a shockin s3 i saw.

    Im lovin the M style mirrors , wtf are they pointing at? :puke2:
  16. petewon

    Not sure what chassis, and why so cheap?

    Thats waaaay to cheap. That should be about double that price I reckon. Id be very suspicious. Post a link if you like so we can check it out further (understand if you dont want to tho).
  17. petewon


    Are you just emaling them like? Dont bother, they dont seem to answer. I would pop into your local dealer and they will tell you where you need to take the car. It shouldnt matter where the car has been serviced. Good luck :thumbsup:
  18. petewon

    Another eBaY question

    I would probably give it a little longer to be honest, its only been 9 days and with the postage strike theres more than likely a backlog.
  19. petewon

    Starter Motor Noise

    Yeah I had the same issue on my first A3. It went away after a while though, Id perhaps leave it a while see if it persists.
  20. petewon

    Mysterious Warning Light

    Do you not need a windback for this? I got stuck doing the missuses golf one sunday, got the pads out and couldnt push the pistons back, then couldnt get the old pads bak in to take it to the garage. Ended up having to use a set of mole grips and a metal bar to push and wind. Not trying to put...