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  1. anton2015

    Lamin-X Request

    I'll come give you a hand if you like. Done mine in the freezing cold, but the do look the dogs ! Im around Slutton and New Maldon alot, so give me a shout if you still need help
  2. anton2015

    A3 video ...

    You put it in 1st and then drive in reverse ? Nice video !!!
  3. anton2015

    audi breakers

    Love this forum !
  4. anton2015

    Audi A3 VS Bmw

    Be EXTREMELY careful when doing anything like that on public roads !! Go out of you way to make sure its safe ! Everyone does it sometimes, but rather than making sure your not caught, make safety a priority over that.
  5. anton2015

    Audi A3 VS Bmw

    Is the Audi yours ? With that kind of power and 2 wheel drive tires make a huge difference
  6. anton2015

    Surrey meet

    Yeah, definatly up for it, just was dreaming about lifting a cold pint of Fosters tonight !
  7. anton2015

    Glove Box removal and repair of lowering arm with pics...

    So many people seem to be having this problem !!! All should take more care when removing their glove boxes :) Any other material I should use to glue it rather than carbon fiber ?
  8. anton2015

    A3 or S3

    I wounder how many of them are TDIs
  9. anton2015

    Surrey meet

    Would be great ! I coulden't make it to the Thurrock meet due to work and was well bugged about that. How about a quick pint around sutton today ?
  10. anton2015

    Lowering advice

    How will the stock dampers cope with shorter springs ? Will it shorten the life or is it ok to do ? And is the handling much better ? Will still probably need antiroll bars anyways :rockwoot: Sorry to hijack for a sec
  11. anton2015

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI remap 0-60? BMW VS A3

    Only a drag race will tell !
  12. anton2015

    Carbon door trims

    I'm definatly buying some from the bay, maybe just shiny black and make my own piano black trim. Not too sure what looks nicer piano black or carbon !
  13. anton2015

    Engine Flush??

    Interesting, I was thinking about this the other day if it could do any damage if it was left in the engine for longer than it should be (or at higher revs) ???
  14. anton2015

    Alcantara Wheel Fitted!

    Both as I imagine they should grip the same, but I was talking bout Locosts one
  15. anton2015

    Alcantara Wheel Fitted!

    That is one Sexy wheel !! Hows the difference in grip ??
  16. anton2015

    Difference between SE and Sport

    My SE has DIS for sure, can't live with out it
  17. anton2015

    8P TDI Quattro?

    Only recent 140s have DPF But does that mean there is no PD140 Quattro then ?
  18. anton2015

    Trouble starting

    Vag-com will tell you if theres a problem with glow plus, one of mine is gone, but it still starts straight away unless its colder than -3. Make sure you are not just turning the key all the way as you would in a petrol, switch the car on and wait for the coil icon to go out on the dash befor...
  19. anton2015

    S3 speed limited to 155 ?

    Thats like porn ...