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  1. Lima

    DIY: Changing/Conversion HID D3S Bulbs on Audi A3 2010 w/ DRL Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    A belated bump for you to say thanks for this write up. I guess 11 years before losing a bulb is not bad going. Need to replace my driver's side globe.
  2. Lima

    door arm rest

    Google brought me to this thread, hoping for a part number on a RHD driver's side armrest please. (You never know your luck!)
  3. Lima

    MY10 S3 heading Down Under!

    Bump! Still got my S3, it's about to do 100,oookm, which I'm not looking forward to. I'll be covering 1400kms or so this weekend, which for those of you still living in the 1950s is just under 900 miles.
  4. Lima

    S3 how much power to rear wheels?

    On dirt roads and/or wet roads I've had the **** of my S3 out several times. True, it's not as tail happy as a RWD car and you need a fair degree of safety margin (on wet roads, dirt not so much) but to say it can't be done just means you haven't tried hard enough.
  5. Lima

    Squeaky brakes on A3

    Yep, mine's going through an especially noisy period too. Another trick you can try (which I need to do as well) is find a quiet stretch of road and do a handful of hard braking cycles from 60mph or so. In theory getting some decent heat into the brakes is supposed to help. If I've been for a...
  6. Lima

    Squeaky brakes on A3

    The brakes on my S3 have been squeaky since day 1. But inconsistently, they just go through random cycles for some reason. One day squeaky, next day not so bad, next day nothing. It's damn annoying though and they squeak more often than not.
  7. Lima

    S3 Gone :(

    After a Mk1, haha. :yum:
  8. Lima

    S3 Gone :(

    Awesome! So long as she starts first go that's the only creature comfort you need, haha. I love my Mk1, but it needs to go unfortunately, for a number of reasons.
  9. Lima

    S3 Gone :(

    The Mk2 will be fun! Is it yours?
  10. Lima

    O.Z Racing Alloy car gen

    I'm biased, of course, but Ultraleggeras look awesome on S3s.
  11. Lima

    RS3 Confirmed!

    I think the 8V RS3 will be out a lot sooner than the 8P was. The days of RS models coming at the end of the product life cycle are over, I think. :racer:
  12. Lima

    Steering wheel options

    My RS6 wheel was plug'n'play, but I already had the right airbag as I had a FBMFSW from factory. If you don't have a circular shaped airbag then you may need to add that to your costs as well. It's a very good mod though, I love this wheel. It's much thicker than the standard FBMFSW, which is...
  13. Lima


    My fingers are crossed for you mate.
  14. Lima

    MY10 S3 heading Down Under!

    Am loving the Milltek and with the Stage 2+ tune the car has a lot more pep. It revs out much more freely now and is heaps more linear, pulling pretty strongly beyond redline. Just need to sort out an intake now after the other one I had lined up looks like falling through.
  15. Lima

    suspension choices

    I asked the suspension shop to drop it 15mm all round. I forgot to take measurements before taking the car in so I can't verify exactly, but it looks fine to me. I quite like punting the car through mountain roads and the ride height now is a good compromise between looks and useability. I'm...
  16. Lima

    suspension choices

    May as well chuck in my two bob's worth for my set up which is Bilsten PSS10s. I've been very pleasantly surprised by the ride quality and overall improvement in handling/cornering. The car is so much more composed through corners, handles bumps better at speed and now provides so much more...
  17. Lima


    Sorry to read about this Ben. Best of luck finding your car!
  18. Lima

    S3 with Milltek turbo-back exhaust non-res

    Here's a couple of videos I made after having my (used) Milltek TBE fitted a week or so back.
  19. Lima

    Which car after S3?

    3 Series estate? The 335i being the obvious choice there, but no idea what UK resales are like. Otherwise an S4 Avant, or even the 2.0 TFSI Avant quattro which you could fiddle with a little to make it quite a capable little sleeper. From what I can tell you guys get pretty hammered on resale...