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    Gearbox pressure issue

    Morning folks I was driving this morning and as I went to move off I heard a sort of clunk and gearbox lost drive and reverse. Plugging my code reader in I got these 2 faults, can anyone help in what they could be or where to look on the car
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    PFL > FL interior

    Hello all I’m thinking of upgrading my interior so all instrumental lights have white LED as mine are red atm, does anyone have or know where I can find all the part numbers for this?
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    Gearbox update

    Afternoon all is there anyone in the south west area preferably Wiltshire/ Somerset, but don’t mind travelling, that can update the software for the standard PFL gearbox?
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    Vcds emergency brake

    Awesome thank you very much both of you I’ll give it a go
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    Vcds emergency brake

    Hello all I’ve just brought a Ross tech vcds stuff and I’m teaching my self tweaks and I’ve got one in my head that I want but not sure how it do it nor can find any help to do it and was wondering if someone could help me, I’ve attached a vid of what I want, brake light to flash under...
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    Mmi firmware update

    Ah okie maybe I won’t try. There’s nothing proper wrong yet but notices the radio loses connection in area it hasn’t in the past
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    Mmi firmware update

    Hello all Is it possible to update my mmi firmware by myself at home, is there any website where I can download a file or do I need some with a vag partnership?
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    Vcds services

    Awesome, I’ll keep having a look about n research a bit more, thanks for the help
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    Vcds services

    Awesome cheers just had a look and it’s like 2500 for a partnership, maybe one day in the near future I’ll be doing it, thanks for the help
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    Vcds services

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone could help me I want to get into VCDS stuff for the vag group and want to offer services like apple car play activation and retrofits as they is a surprising lack of around my area and I was wondering what sort of kit I need to do apple car play activations...
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    Awesome cheers mate
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    Hello does anyone know anyone down south west sn12 area that can code stuff for me? I don’t have the stuff or knowledge I have instructions on how to do it
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    Headlight upgrade

    Hello all, I want to upgrade my headlight they are LED I believe, I have a PFL model, and I want the indicator to run on the DRL and the updated DRL look, I’ve seen headlights advertised but they say for halogen to LED upgrade, does that matter? Something like this
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    Hello all I need my clutch replaced on my 1.8 Tsfi DSG and was wondering what I need, does anyone have part number for the clutch, and do I need a clutch kit or just the clutch? I’ve looked at the kit in the picture and was wondering if that’s suitable or overkill for just normal driving as I...
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    Fault code

    Hello all I’ve been having an error show up for as long as I’ve had my car, about a year now, and it says “vehicle electronic malfunction shift to p before leaving the car” something like that and It doesn’t come on all the time it can be weeks before it shows up but progressive comes up more...
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    Usb retrofit

    Hello all, I’ve just purchased some USB ports that go under the arm rest, I got them off a FL a3 where as I have a 14 plate PFL. It didn’t come with any cables as they’re second hand was wondering how they go in. And if anyone could point me in the right way to get a cable that is plug and...
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    Apple car play

    no worries perfect answer for me just needed someone advice on how it looks
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    Apple car play

    Hi all I was looking through some post on FB and here and seen these people have been recommended, I’ve been looking for apple car play for ages and a bigger screen and was wondering if anyone has had experience with these people, and if the screen and what it offers seems to good to be true or...
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    Ambient lighting

    Hello all I was wondering if someone can give me advice on ambient lighting in my PreFL that didn’t come with it from the factory, I would like to install it but is it possible to install it with full OEM stuff and change colour aswell as all I’ve found have 1 colour
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    MIB2 upgrade advice

    Ah maybe not the, thank you for your help