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  1. Rich

    Audi seatbelt shoulder pads for sale

    As in these: Unused, £5 inc postage :)
  2. Rich

    Unused lip spoiler for sale

    As per this item: However I will sell ya mine for £15 inc postage! payment via paypal again :) Never got round to painting or...
  3. Rich

    B5 haynes manual for sale

    £10 inc postage. Anyone want it? Couple of months old, in good nick. Payment via paypal :)
  4. Rich

    Thank you and good bye!

    GTT :P and yeah they are ugly as hell :D
  5. Rich

    Thank you and good bye!

    cheers guys, yeah it was 10k from an import garage. I part exchanged the A4, got 5.5k for it which wasnt bad I thought! These are the only pics I have so far, from the 'trader ;) I got the insurance sorted out today, £2.5k a year heh (22, 0 years NCB). probably about that a month...
  6. Rich

    Thank you and good bye!

    Guys, I am leaving camp audi!! :O :O :O In fact I'm going japcore After going out in my mates I decided to stop bothering to do up my 1.8T and purchased a nissan skyline R34! Thing is the dogs ********. The exhaust sounds like world war 3 and it goes like **** off a stick :D Just wanted to...
  7. Rich

    Arrrgh boot release clip broken on bonnet!!

    .... or so I thought! Filled up at shell and went to put some water in the wiper bottle. got out of the car and went to open the bonnet but it looked like the clip you use to lift the hood had broken off - it was kind of inside the grill and no matter how hard I pulled it or wriggled it it just...
  8. Rich


    I'm going to get a boost gauge installed when I get my remap done, probably in the center air vent. Is the AWE the gauge I want? I'll get the chap to install it as he's goin my DV and TIP hoses at the same time :D
  9. Rich

    Clutch on the way out?

    I've found out what makes this happen every time now. Say I am comming up to a round about slowing right down to the point where its not worth chaning into first about 10mph, but needs a lot more revs to keep in 2nd. As I pull out with the higher revs this is when the cluch goes weird and the...
  10. Rich

    How BMW drivers get their reputation - part II

    What the hell happened in the last pic? Hit a paint truck?
  11. Rich

    Little and Large! took some pics this evening :)

    I like the one with the smiley face :)
  12. Rich

    Newbie Girl!

    Wow, excellent - let's hook up :) haha :D Welcome to the mix
  13. Rich

    Newbie Girl!

    Anyone think this might be a joke? Slammin hotty with a rather nice S3 - to good to be true? ;P
  14. Rich

    Newbie Girl!

    Ding dong!
  15. Rich

    My incredibly 'German' Audi....

    Anyone know where you can get german style plates like that made up? I like :)
  16. Rich

    Colin McRae DIRT - Xbox 360

    Yay, another recruit into camp Forza :D
  17. Rich

    forza 2

    Well they are race tracks? Surely they're meant to be relativly smooth. Hit the rumble strips at the side of the corners and you'll know it ;)
  18. Rich

    Colin McRae DIRT - Xbox 360

    I had this on pre-order, then as soon as I started playing Forza 2 the other day I cancelled the order. Played the Dirt demo and while fun and pretty it cant touch forza, and I know forza will keep me busy for a very long time :) I'll probably pick up dirt in a few months when I've grown bored...
  19. Rich

    forza 2

    Yeah, weird because I have maxed out everything on my S4 and its a class S? Or was yours the AWE version? I think theres another "special" S4 to unlock as well?
  20. Rich

    forza 2

    level 22, intermediate difficulty I think (I use no assists apart from ABS). had some really good races tonight guys! def gonna do that more its so much more fun playing against real people in a race then boring AI oponants. my tuned 700BHP S4 + quattro = hillariously good launches. left...