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  1. id_doug

    Springs / shocks for B7 Avant 2.0TDi...

    Interestng options. I am looking myself at the minute as I have two snapped coils on the rear of my s-line. I was thinking about Eibach springs. Would love Coil overs but don't know if I can quite stretch that far. Does anyone know the lower heights quoted, are these technically from a non...
  2. id_doug

    Summers off Winter on

    Winter wheels and tyres is the future. If more people adopted this mentality then there would be less need for the reliance on salt on the roads, which actually has limited effect anyway. People in this country continually bury the head in sand (or snow in this case) and doubt there benefits of...
  3. id_doug


    Looking good. This is something I would love to do on mine :thumb:
  4. id_doug

    What did you do to your B7 today

    Never noticed how big the gap is on mine till I read this! Cheers!! :lol: Loving the front end look, very nice indeed :thumb:
  5. id_doug

    Climate control problem?

    Any idea what any of that means? :lol:
  6. id_doug

    Climate control problem?

    My wives A4 climate control does not seem to be working correctly. If you adjust the temperature control up or down you can get hot or indeed very cold air blowing through the vents. Sugesting the AC works. However, if you leave it on auto it does not adjust the speed or temperature up or down...
  7. id_doug

    Undertray clips for 06 plate

    Great post, been looking for some of these myself :thumb:
  8. id_doug


    It's crap when this happens. I have had a car dented and a wing mirror snapped off in a car park on two separate occasions. Good thing was the guy with the wing mirror was caught on CCTV, Police went back to him and he paid up! That was pretty much my thoughts, surely that type of extreme...
  9. id_doug

    DTM Pics

    Very nice looking motor :thumb:
  10. id_doug

    Detail comming up but which pads?

    But in saying that if it's just light swirls then a finishing polish use a finishing pad will do the trick. AF Rejuvinate would be ideal for light swirl removal and will leave a lovely slick finish.
  11. id_doug

    Detail comming up but which pads?

    The Lake Country Hydro Tech pads are very good :thumb:
  12. id_doug

    2.0 tdi engine cover badge

    Whilst checking over my car the other day I noticed the Audi logo on the engine cover had gone AWOL! Been having a look around and can't seem to find a replacement of the right size. Anyone have any ideas? A new cover from the bay of e is around £50 - £60. It bugs me, but maybe not to the tune...
  13. id_doug

    North East hello

    To be honest it only took a day. I know a day might seem like a lot but in the world of Detailing that's a drop in the ocean. The car looks good in the pics but TBH a lot of the products used masked some of the paint defects. Only just getting into machine polishing so hopefully will get better...
  14. id_doug

    North East hello

    :lol: it's not as hard as it looks. Just takes a bit if time and the right gear. If your haven't already you should have a look on Detailing World, it's a wealth of knowledge and a friendly forum IMO :thumb:
  15. id_doug

    North East hello

    Cheers mate. I try my best, usually much to the amusement of my neighbours! Server case of OCD :)
  16. id_doug

    North East hello

    Cheers for the welcome folks.
  17. id_doug

    North East hello

    Hi there. I have been a long time registered and a bit of a reader but never actually posted or said hello. I currently drive a Black 06 plate A4 s-line 2.0 tdi. Prior to this I had a 03 plate A4 Avant 1.9 tdi, which my wife no owns. I am an active member of Detailing world so anyone on...