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  1. abusaddique

    For Sale Audi s3 bola alloys & Rs3 after market grille

    I have 19" gloss Black audi s3 bola alloys 8.5J for sale. Gloss black Gyeon quarts ceramic coat for 3 years Without tyres £550 Audi rs3 aftermarket grille. (UK manufactured) for face-lift models £200
  2. abusaddique

    RS3 grille on S3? facelift model

    is there any import charges? ive seen one on alibaba too, decent price but want to know if ill be slapped with import charges before buying. if so any idea how much im looking
  3. abusaddique

    S3 FL powder coating wheels?

    Thinking of powder coating my 10 spoke alloys to black. Currently have the FL ara blue S3. Can't seem to find any pictures online, your guys thoughts and opinions would be helpful. They currently also have yellow calipers, too much clash?
  4. abusaddique

    My Audi S3 8V

    i didnt do the clips themselves but behind the clips are painted, i originally brought after market decals to put on, but i prefer the look with the originals on. may change my mind come summer :playful:
  5. abusaddique

    My Audi S3 8V

    Decided to get my calipers done in porsche yellow, here is a couple pictures
  6. abusaddique


    lovely car mate, may i ask where you got the honeycomb grille from? it looks spot on!!
  7. abusaddique

    Insurance increase because of the Snow.

    if your constantly looking at website for quotes, try deleting cache and history or try private browsing, when companies use that info to see if ttheres interest they'll bump prices
  8. abusaddique

    Calipers colour change

    yeah i agree with a contrasting colour, yellow is starting to grow on me. Ive only had my car a couple months, think i should wait a bit :tearsofjoy:
  9. abusaddique

    Calipers colour change

    l local garage based in wolverhampton. following him on instagram - "Alloy Vera" work looks top notch, just need to know what paint he uses, trying to find a nice shade of bright yellow and will look to do them in roughly a months time.
  10. abusaddique

    Calipers colour change

    probably wouldnt do them myself, been quoted £90 for the set including the S covers. so not too bad, think in the summer with yellow calipers and a nice detail. it'd look beautiful
  11. abusaddique

    Calipers colour change

    I have the ara blue FL S3 with the V spoke wheels currently with black calipers. Was thinking of getting them painted possibly red or even yellow. What are all your thoughts on it? Couldn't justify £325 from audi to pay the amount for a coat of red paint
  12. abusaddique

    Recognised exhaust or custom made

    What are your thoughts on an exhaust system Would you go for a miltek, BCS etc or a custom made one. If anyone has either any recommendations would be helpful
  13. abusaddique

    Hi Nige im looking for a catback for my S3 8V, couldnt find anything on the powervalve website

    Hi Nige im looking for a catback for my S3 8V, couldnt find anything on the powervalve website
  14. abusaddique

    Facelift FL Miltek Catback non resonated?

    sorry to reply to an old thread but im looking into a miltek too after doing a google search i came across AMD tuning, who had a "non valved race system" for just under £1000 if i was after something pretty loud, would you guys recommend valved or non valved...
  15. abusaddique

    Audi S3 lease - mods

    all i wanted was a little extra sound really so was considering a res delete realistically 300BHP is more than enough, never really gunna need more power unless youre on a track
  16. abusaddique

    Audi S3 lease - mods

    The lease worked out really good for me, its costing 10k over two years which includes all maintenance, 2 services from audi, unlimited premium tyres and a variety of other benefits. yeah i definitely appreiciate the fact that the car is not mine and isnt mine to modify hence asking the...
  17. abusaddique

    Audi S3 lease - mods

    i know the ins and outs actually, but there is plenty of people who have had modded leased/pcp cars, hence trying to find out the forum if there were any here who have done it. & i just got a reply from VWFS who said i could modify the vehicle :)
  18. abusaddique

    Audi S3 lease - mods

    did you get in contact with your leasing company/audi before doing it or did you just get it done? btw how was the res delete sound wise?