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    Limp Mode due to DPF failure - how far can I travel?

    Guys, I have a PD170 VW Passat with the dreaded DPF issue. Yesterday morning on the way to work the DPF and EML lights came on the dash, then last night the Glow plug light came on and the car has been in limp mode ever since. I have the car booked in at Shark Performance tomorrow to have DPF...
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    Helios......Round 2!

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    "N8" Nathan kowalski appreciation thread :)

    N8 - This might be true what you have said above, but dont forget......."THERES 2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    "N8" Nathan kowalski appreciation thread :)

    he LOVES his cider too. Not only that, but hes a true YORKSHIRE man.
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    Front brake disc size for 2006 A3 2.0TDI 140 FWD manual?

    As title really! Does anybody know what the front brake disc size was for a 2006 A3 2.0TDI 140 manual FWD? I cant for the life of me remember is it was 280mm or 288mm. I have a pair of caliper carriers I would like to sell when I upgraded to 312mm you see! Thanks!
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    When bored

    i often get bored in work and thankfully have my own office. I tend to either have a kip or spend most of my time on youtube.
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    Been reading good things about Osram night breaker plus. Everywhere seems to sell them at appx £29, but just seen a pair on amazon for £13?!!!
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    Thanks for you comments mate, much appreciated. Ive found a place on ebay selling Phillips x-treme Vision for £32 inc delivery.
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    tell me more - model name etc, open to anything really, apart from HID/Xenon kits.
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    which x-tremens? Power or Vision?
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    I had the nightbreakers in my old A3 Sline, and even though they did give off a good output of light (and much bright than OEM) I found they didnt last very long and they both blew just after 12 months of me having them.
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    H7 headlight bulb upgrade? Reccomendations please?

    Im looking at upgrading my god awful H7 bulbs. I really need something brigther than what I have currently got in my headlamps (standard bulbs) as at the moment I find it very dangerous driving in dark country lanes especially. Ive been looking at Phillips X-treme vision bulbs, not the cheapest...
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    R8 v10 alloys on a3 ? Should i

    I know of some replica wheels going for sale on Edition 38
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    Pics of the new purchase

    in the dark
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    Just installed a PORSCHE BBK with some goodies...

    I have man fluid in my pants
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    8mm spacers

    If your gonna get spacers, a note to all, avoid H&R, mine CRACKED and so did N8's!!!
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    its time to stop being nice and its time to start threatning them, then things will be done. while they keep fobbing you off with exsuses and while you keep accepting their excuses they will keep doing that, and doing it and doing it. No more Mr nice guy.
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    When I bought my A3 TDI in 2006 I put £500 deposit down for a factory order.
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    regarding cylinder head, check your coolant level, if its low or keeps going down then thats a possible sign of your head cracking, coolant loss.
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    I've read the guides but for f**k sake, how do you get the engine cover off?

    2 pages and 53 replies and still no plastic engine cover off? Is this a late April fools? Seriously...