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    Wife wants an Audi !!

    Selling my 2007/57 A3, low miles, high spec & warranty (til October) for just over £10k 2007 Audi A3 1.8 T FSI S Line 3dr Hatchback
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    How to replace the break light?

    Finally got round to doing this today after driving around with the warning for 3 months. Was expecting to have no end of trouble, but light was out and bulb changed in about 10 minutes...!
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    Ebay bargain

    Also, has 3 days left on auction so could go up significantly
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    Preordered my 32GB + 4G when announced.. Held off the iPad 2, so this is a long awaited upgrade for my antique iPad 1!
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    Insurance - Renewals, what the hell!

    Elephant cheapest for me. Same company as Admiral, but have always been slightly cheaper in my experience..
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    Jaffa Pics as promised

    Lovely colour
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    Sorry, Another RNSE help page

    Pin 7 is empty
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    New s3 deposit paid!!!

    Lovely - looks awesome in black.
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    If youre looking for an un-marked S3 then stay clear of this one, and Coulsdon Audi..

    Audi dealerships NEVER phone back, unless you are buying a car and they want the deposit!
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    If youre looking for an un-marked S3 then stay clear of this one, and Coulsdon Audi..

    It is quite amazing how customer service differs between dealerships. My local for example, Crawley Audi, are ****** useless. Southend Audi on the other hand were brilliant..
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    My Audi A3 Progress Thread - Garnet Red

    Never seen A3 without climate either - looks really strange.. Need to get some centre caps in those wheels
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    cracked windscreen help pls?

    Got my windscreen replaced last year on insurance. £75 Excess, no effect on my NCB at all. This was through Aviva
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    Floor Mats

    I got OEM front and rear rubber mats on eBay for £28 last year (auction)
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    Rusty doors on A3 - Warranty experience

    I quite like it when mine goes in. Last time I had what you've got, and the time before i had a brand new A5!
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    some RNS-E questions

    Deff get a decent set of keys like Nige says. I got some of the cheap ones off ebay - got my old headunit out once, but after that wouldn't work again - rubbish quality..
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    Audi A3 1.8 TFSI S-Line stereo/media

    Anyone on here with VCDS can help. I used Nigel (NHN) on here. you can find your closest here***vcds-users-map***.html
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    Audi A3 1.8 TFSI S-Line stereo/media

    Deff. Nav, colour screen, music on SD cards, traffic reports, phone prep etc
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    Audi A3 1.8 TFSI S-Line stereo/media

    RNS-E cost me about £450 all in (£370 for Unit and £80 fitting/coding from Nige) Not complex at all, pretty much plug-and-play Don't know about BOSE..
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    Audi A3 1.8 TFSI S-Line stereo/media

    I've got the 3 door 1.8TFSI S-Line All the above depends on how the car was ordered tbh. Mine came with Bose and the MP3 Headunit with iPod Dock in the glovebox (No AUX) [now upgraded to RNS-E] will vary from car to car