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    Bilstein B14 Coilovers on S3 8V?

    In my opinion, Bilstein should not be just considered as an entry level. I think for its expensive price and the ride quality it provides, it won't be categorized as "entry level" but it upgrades your suspension to the next level.
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    Sh*ts and giggles

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    B7 RS4

    Cool video
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    Audi R8 e-tron in Pictures

    I'd agree with that. better to get new alloys
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    My Orions

    @Slammedorion Is there another way to view the photos? The images aren't loading properly
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    2010 s line a4

    Great progress on this project. Are there any new updates?
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    Norwich New Car Protection Detail

    Nice detailing. Looks awesome :icon thumright: