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  1. J

    ICE advice please

    You'll likely get a better response here -
  2. J

    Whats in your changer?

    Not strictly a CD changer, my iphone currently plays these six the most: Oceansize - Effloresce Oceansize - Everyone Into Position Oceansize - Frames Amplifier - Music For Nations This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to...
  3. J

    A3 Hesitating

    From conversations I've had with other folks on this forum I'm under the impression that audi (vag) engines don't really like dump valves much.
  4. J

    How many miles can you get off a full tank?????

    Admittedly I do have a strange whoooshing noise from the passenger footwell when changing gear. I've heard that can be to do with a knackered DV. Don't know if that would contribute to poor mpg. My car isn't remapped and given the higher mileage (100k) I'm not sure I want to go down that route...
  5. J

    How many miles can you get off a full tank?????

    WTH! Something is definately wrong with either my driving or my car then. I mostly do motorway miles and I'm looking at around the 250 mark at best. Is the 1.8TQS not as economical as an S3 then?
  6. J

    Another question guys, to quattro or not to quattro?

    I'd take the Quattro over 2WD anyday. Used to own a 1.6 A3 and it was flakey as in the wet. My 1.8TQS feels much sturdier. If you've got the option do it.
  7. J

    Wobbly handling

    Cheers for all the suggestions chaps. Tyre pressures have been checked and they're spot on. I'm gonna get her in the garage soonish and have the bushes/droplinks checked. Worst time for it financially but I'm tired of this skitish behaviour.
  8. J

    Wobbly handling

    I might be paranoid but I'm convinced over the past couple of months my steering has gotten worse. I know the weather hasn't been great but I reckon I've had the car long enough and remember how well it held in the wet previously. If anyone can shed some light on what the following symptoms...
  9. J

    Pizza Hut - 50% off your next meal

    I'm hijacking this thread right here, right now. You sir have quite possibly the most amazing s3 I've ever laid my peelers on. Is there any chance you have a gratuitous photoshoot of said Hibiscus Red S3 for me to drool over? Oh and the voucher codes are most appreciated too. :)
  10. J

    How Long have you been on the Forum?

    I've been here for about 3 years... I think. EDIT wtf! where did that year go?
  11. J

    Diesel vs Petrol?

    I just went here and based on what I'm paying and an average MPG of 50 for a tdi it gave me a difference of around £800 a year. My TQ currently states an average MPG of 29.6 (that's based on quite a few months driving). cheers, J
  12. J

    Anybody else into rock/metal?

    You fine metal/rock folk need to check out Oceansize immediately. A superb example of UK rock.
  13. J

    Diesel vs Petrol?

    I should have mentioned I'm looking at about £1-1.5k difference in selling the petrol quattro and getting a tdi. I mostly do motorway miles. The TDI's I'm looking at are around 3 years newer, done slightly less miles and tax is cheaper. USing my limited maths skills I've worked out I can save...
  14. J

    Diesel vs Petrol?

    I currently drive an a3 1.8T Quattro (8L) but have recently been looking at selling up and getting a diesel a3 (8P). I drive 40-50 miles a day and I'm finding the quattro costly but I'm having a hard time working out whether I'd actually save much cash. Has anyone recently swapped from petrol...
  15. J


    I bought some plastic autolead adaptors and they are indeed crap. I believe AndyMac has a PDF adaptor template in the ICE forum, should you need it. Actually I've still got some Infinity Kappa 50.5cs (I think) components, boxed, new, never used for sale. PM me if you're interested.
  16. J

    The sagas of a new S3 owner!

    I feel your pain. I got mine back a week late. They kept telling me 'it'll be ready tomorrow'. The cowboys that dealt with my a3 failed to: a)put the door lock back together properly b)sil was painted the wrong colour c)seal the welding they'd done d)tighten a bolt on the rear suspension e)fix...
  17. J

    Want to upgrade my sound system!!

    I had one of these in my old a3 and these photos really don't do the build quality justice. That's right. Not only do they sound great they look ****** marvellous too! :) Incidentally Andy - my A3 quattro has some sort of electrics fuse box type thing where the cd changer sits in the lower...
  18. J

    The sagas of a new S3 owner!

    When some **** drove into my a3 whilst it was parked, on a straight road, I had a long conversation with his insurance company that assured me it wouldn't be written off unless the repair cost as much as the market value. I always thought it was 50%+ but I'm not complaining either. Just make...
  19. J

    A3 - Torn engine splash guard

    Sunday Morning I reversed off 'the grassy bank' at my folks house and heard this graunching noise. Upon inspection I found I'd managed to rip and bend back part of the plastic that sits at the underside of the front of the vehicle below the engine. :sob: I've no idea what this is called but...
  20. J

    Bee sting aerial

    Jester - PM sent. So kind of you bud.