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    Replacement to B7

    I sthere a replacement to the current A4 on the horizon? Current is B7 yes? I am looking at maybe getting a new A4 but don't want to buy one and be out of date quickly. Thanks,
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    Citroen Owners Club

    Your a funny guy.
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    Citroen Owners Club

    I've just got a Citroen C4 2.0hdi VTS.
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    Citroen Owners Club

    Anybody know of any Citroen Owners clubs / forums like this one (but for Citroens obviously...)
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    TBB For S4

    Have you tried TDi in London?
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    I need you helps chaps!

    Glad you got this sorted, neighborly disputes can be stressfull!
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    2Mb internet

    [ QUOTE ] well it was posted a few weeks ago, we all knew it was coming. upon returning to my comp, this eve i had been disconnected from the internet, so upon reconnection it now reads connected at 2.2Mbps....... oh my the wonders of technology......Amen to broadband by BT...
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    Airbag Warning Light

    Not content with needing a new clutch, the airbag warning light has come on now! There is one month left on my warranty so better now than next month. Any ideas what the problem might be? I assume any work will be under warranty?
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    sony cdx-t69 installation

    [ QUOTE ] Bargain, disregard my last post about the interface. [/ QUOTE ] Just ordered it, think I'll get local ICE shop to fit it though....
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    sony cdx-t69 installation

    [ QUOTE ] You'll need the VAG-S2 interface adapter as the Sony is not a straight plug & play with Audi head unit. I think it's an expensive one. The Soundlinx one is £90!!! try icd they may be cheaper. My Alpine fits in the glovebox, but had to use spacers made from MDF to lower it down far...
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    A4 Mats

    My '02 A4 1.8T Sport hasn't got the right mats, how much would they be from Audi for front and back?
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    sony cdx-t69 installation

    Hi, I want to fit thid cd-changer to my concert hu with bose. Its on an '02 A4 1.8T Sport. Will it fit in the standard glove box, I've read on here it will? Is it easy to fit and connect to HU or should I get a pro to do it?
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    95 or 98 ron?

    Hi, My new 02 A4 1.8T sport 163ps states that it needs 95 Ron fuel, it doesn't mention 98 ron for this engine. I usually use Optimax or BP Ultimate because of the cleaning additives and increased mpg, but is there any point with this engine/ECU? Will the ECU adjust for this fuel or will I be...
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    Headlight Bulbs

    [ QUOTE ] But I've now found out a better way to stop all of that !!!!!!!!!!!!! [/ QUOTE ] Intersting, care to elaborate? I don't like grazed knuckles either
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    Headlight Bulbs

    Cheers Dave
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    FAO Audi-Sport / Chris

    Hi, I was pm'ed by Audi-Sport / Chris last week about fitting Cruise Control, but his username is coming up as "deleted user" and I can't find him in the list of users. I want to contact him re. his pm, anybody know his contact details?
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    Headlight Bulbs

    I have just sold my Seat Leon Cupra R and am getting an 02 A4 1.8 T Sport. I was wondering, would my H1 and H7 Osram silvastar bulbs that I had on the Seat fit my new car?
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    Looking at A4 today

    Whats the difference between symphony II and symphony I HU's, how can you tell. Does it just say on the HU (I haven't picked car up yet so please don't flame me if it does....)
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    Looking at A4 today

    Just been to see it, no coilpack probs, very clean car. Will need to get Cruise Control but I gather you can get this installed for about £200, is that right? Also I will need a CD changer, does anyone know how much to retro fit this? He will accept £12k for cash, so seems a good deal.
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    Looking at A4 today

    Hi newbie here... I am looking at an 02 A4 1.8T Sport 4dr saloon today, just wondered if there was anything specific that I should be looking at, any known problems etc. Also it doesn't have CD changer, are these expensive to get retro fitted? Thanks, BTW it 36000 miles, mint condition, BOSE...