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  1. Zans

    which gearbox code S3 8L 2002

    These are the gearbox codes that came on a 2002 S3 8L BAM.
  2. Zans

    Airbags fault all at once

    Nope.. I just left it as if because I'm out of the country most of the time and don't have the time to tackle it.. I'll keep this thread updated if I ever get to the bottom of it
  3. Zans

    Power steering pump replacement

    Pretty simple. Untighten the 3 bolts holding the pulley, remove the v-belt, remove the plug to the switch, disconnect the 2 lines going to the pump and drain the fluid. Proceed to remove the 3 (or 2) bolts holding the pump. Transfer the pulley to the new pump and make sure to torque the pulley...
  4. Zans

    Part identification help. Here is a detailed tread on how to do it. In theory yes but a resistor mod is good enough.
  5. Zans

    Part identification help.

    Most people owning 1.8t's get rid of the secondary air pump and of this EGR valve... Just another thing likely to break
  6. Zans

    A3 1.8t agu coolant problem

    I suggest you replace your Y pipe and see if the coolant stops boiling. Since it's hard to fetch an original one I suggest you get a kit that replaces most plastic junctions with aluminum ones.
  7. Zans

    Part identification help.

    This is the EGR valve.
  8. Zans

    High pressure fuel pump

    Hello, this is the 8l section. Your issue has more chances of being resolved in the 8p section.
  9. Zans

    APY narrowband to wideband conversion

    Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Zans

    Wipers & Indicators Not Working

    According to the wiring diagrams on a 2002 BAM, the wiper motor is not in any way connected to the turn signals. Wipers wiring: Turn signals wiring: Do you hear a relay clicking when you engage the wipers? If not try replacing the relay. If you do hear it, i suggest your inspect the...
  11. Zans


    Probably not but if you think the alternator is the issue try removing the drive belt and running the car above 3000rpm.
  12. Zans

    S3 stalling problems

    Check that all your vacuum hoses are wired correctly, make sure your n75 and DV aren't backwards. Also check for fault codes if you can. After removing the TB you need to align it, like that.
  13. Zans

    Power steering leak. Location assistance.

    That bushing is disintegrated! From the photos it looks likes it's leaking from the rubber grommet you can see in the second picture. Notice how the top part of it is dry but the lower part is wet. A simple replacement won't fix the leak so I suggest you remove the grommet to investigate and...
  14. Zans

    APY narrowband to wideband conversion

    Hi, I'm about to convert my narrowband APY ecu to a wideband ECU. I've done a fair bit of research regarding this topic but i still have some uncertainties i needed to clear up. First of all the ecu im getting will be from a AUM 110kw or ARX 110kw or AUQ 132kw or ARY 132kw because i cant find...
  15. Zans

    Haldex questions

    Update: After bench testing the unit i figured out how it works so now i have working AWD controllable from my phone. However as i pulled out all the original electronics from the controller I get an ESP light and the ESP doesn't work, an error in ABS brakes j492-no communication. Is there...
  16. Zans

    Haldex questions

    Update: I removed the controller and it turns out that the pin can't physically reach the top hole because the spring is already compressed too much and it's in the way, so my guess is that the precharge pump needs to engage when starting the car?
  17. Zans

    Haldex questions

    Hi, I'm trying to make my haldex engage from my phone (since my controller is dead) for this I'm using a stepper motor driver, an esp8266 and a buck converter. After reading the document at: I've got some questions...
  18. Zans

    My s3 pulled a sneaky on me

    Yes i had to order a new sill made by a polish company (about 25 euros with delivery) and labor was 150 euros, they did a pretty good job, and filled the inside of the the sill with some anti rust protection + painted it looks like that now: