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  1. WesternFreight

    A1 insurance for 22 year old

    Hi my son is looking for an insurance quote on his A1, could you also provide one for him? Thanks
  2. WesternFreight

    oil level light

    Is it definitely supposed to ? Can't say I've ever noticed it before tbh
  3. WesternFreight

    P0016 code 2.0 tfsi bgb

    Nice work dude, had the bolts come loose on the sprocket ?
  4. WesternFreight


    2008 plate Astra for 11 grand now that's a bargain
  5. WesternFreight


    And what if they find a car but the owner isn't very discerning ???
  6. WesternFreight


    You mean they don't use a robot to buy their cars ???
  7. WesternFreight

    Car Vandalism

    Absolute idiots mate hope you get it all sorted
  8. WesternFreight

    west london audi

    Well I think he's got good cause to complain, even if it is he's first post, I'd be well pi££ed if it was my car, and he is only asking for some advice after all
  9. WesternFreight

    Battery failure when engine is warm

    Or possibly starter motor
  10. WesternFreight

    Air bag light

    And may the force be with you dude
  11. WesternFreight

    Outer cv joint... what're these bits?

    The bit on the left goes on the driveshaft before the cv joint goes back on, the bit on the right goes over the hub when it's all back together, on certain models.
  12. WesternFreight

    Picked up new car. strange pipe in boot

    Or if you had three how about a 458 Italia style exhaust ???
  13. WesternFreight

    Atempting Service - 1st Timer need tips.

    Mann stuff is ok, always get the best parts you can afford Wouldn't bother with any 'long life' stuff myself, ecp qx range is fine just keep to your regular service intervals, I always use an engine oil flush aswell Don't know anything about the pumps dude, I don't think there are any valves on...
  14. WesternFreight

    Sadly time to say goodbye to the best car i've owned - also opinions required for sale

    Sorry if this disappoints you but I think you will be lucky to get 4000 for it, mods and extras are nice but it's age and milage that people will be looking at dude, again sorry if this disappoints u mate just trying to be realistic and I hope you do get 5 or 6 k just can't see it, good luck...
  15. WesternFreight

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    I bet your engine purrs now
  16. WesternFreight

    2.0 tdi better performance when cold

    Not sure mate I don't think there is any difference in mine (same engine) regardless of temperature how many miles has it done?
  17. WesternFreight

    Noob looking for help with BKE engine problems.

    If it's head gasket (which it probably is) then I would just re-do what you've got, head gaskets don't really go on these so maybe there is a problem from when it was done previously? Get the head pressure tested when it's off, and only use genuine parts on the re-build
  18. WesternFreight

    Creaking/Clicking Noise

    Outer cv joint I reckon
  19. WesternFreight

    Normal for DPF gutting ?

    They have been disconnected to ease removal of dpf and someone has forgot to connect em back up