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  1. madkebab

    What have you done today?

    Started to tackle the manky headlights today. Dual action polisher and some cutting compound, followed by some Wolfgang sealant. Starting to look better
  2. madkebab

    Will a B6 S4 steering wheel fit S3?

    Does anyone know if a B6 S4 steering wheel will fit without modification to a 2003 S3.
  3. madkebab

    02 facelift stereo options

    Do you have any more details as was considering the option of putting RNS-E into my S3
  4. madkebab

    Rough Starting Noise

    Starter motor.
  5. madkebab

    New Owner - 2003 Dolphin Grey S3

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. Will get some better photos up soon. Got to tackle the headlights next as they are in proper need of a refurb.
  6. madkebab

    New Owner - 2003 Dolphin Grey S3

    Well after a morning of snow foam, wash and clay bar it's starting to look a bit better. A long way still to go. Will start a thread to track progress.
  7. madkebab

    What have you done today?

    Today I commenced the refurbishment of the paintwork on the new purchase. Don't think it's been pampered lately
  8. madkebab

    New Owner - 2003 Dolphin Grey S3

    Will try and get some photos at the weekend once I have start on the TLC that the car desperately needs. I think the AMSS will be staying, might just add a new sub :)
  9. madkebab

    New Owner - 2003 Dolphin Grey S3

    Well after a long break from these forums I am back after purchasing a 2003 Audi S3 at the weekend. It is a former forum car and has a few choice mods including Bilstein suspension, neuspeed ARB's, B5 front brake upgrade, Milltek, CC remap, AndyMac stealth sub. Looking at the RNS-E upgrade as...
  10. madkebab

    How to check Coolant Temp on Air Con Display?

    Cheers Andy. Your description confirms my thought that the thermostat is stuck open. Looking in the service history the car only had a thermostat about 12 months ago. Is it worth getting a genuine thermostat from the dealer? Also how difficult a job is the thermostat to change?
  11. madkebab

    How to check Coolant Temp on Air Con Display?

    I remember reading this can be done but cannot find through searching the exact procedure. Can anyone help as I am pretty sure my thermostat is duff.
  12. madkebab

    B5 presence at ADI with a bit of a swap shop

    I will be coming along in the new wagon. If anyone has a ABS controller suitable for a 2000 A4 1.8TQS let me know as I could pay and collect on the day. Also after a pair of interior front door trims in silver - must be mint condition.
  13. madkebab

    Best oil for high mileage AJL 1.8T?

    well got the oil changed today. Picked up some Quantum Platinum 5W40 from the local VW stealers as the Audi stealer doesnt stock it! Glad I changed the oil immediately as it looked well overdue and they had used a Motorquip filter. The OEM filter was about twice the size. Anyhow pressure came...
  14. madkebab

    Best oil for high mileage AJL 1.8T?

    Yes mate. Probably bought with my heart rather than my head as there are a few bits that need sorting. These include ABS controller Thermostat Rear wheel bearing Oil service Will get some pictures up and the full spec when I get a chance. I can't believe it was 8 years ago I joined this site...
  15. madkebab

    Best oil for high mileage AJL 1.8T?

    I have just bought a 1.8TQS with 145k on the clock. What oil should I be using a fully synthetic or semi synthetic? I used to use Synta silver on my old 1.8T AEB just wanted to check to see if that was still the best bet.
  16. madkebab

    ABS Controller Part Number

    Does any know the part number for an ABS controller for 2000 AJL A4 1.8TQS? I need to arrange to send mine to BBA to get it refurbed.
  17. madkebab


    I should be there in the new wagon all being well.
  18. madkebab

    B5 with Merc wheel pic request...

    You have a good memory, however they were not Merc wheels but OZ Opera II split rims. Similar style though
  19. madkebab

    My car in Audi Driver

    Nice write up Mark. Well deserved after the amount of time and effort you have put into the car.
  20. madkebab

    My Old B5 A4 Up For Sale

    Nope. Shame though as the 19" BBS CH would have looked great on the S4