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  1. Skittler

    Own up... Was this one of you? ;)

    Surely by folding in the electric mirrors he could have parked even closer. Clearly not trying hard enough.
  2. Skittler


    Good timing mate. Picking it up in about an hour's time!
  3. Skittler

    Hi mate, saw this post of yours and I'm really interested in how you got on...

    Hi mate, saw this post of yours and I'm really interested in how you got on! Cheers, Dave.
  4. Skittler


    Really interested in how you're getting on as I am thinking about doing exactly the same thing within a few months. A3 3.2 Quattro S-line DSG to A5 Sportback 3.0 TDi S-line S-Tronic I'd especially like to know what suspension you now have and how it compares to your old A3 3.2. There are plenty...
  5. Skittler

    S3 Sold A3 arrived!

    Welcome to the "what's a turbo?" club.
  6. Skittler

    New mileage record

    This thread just makes me want to cry all the way to the cash machine :(
  7. Skittler

    dsg driving technique

    As Wiki is user-editable (natch), perhaps someone would like to do an edit :)
  8. Skittler

    dsg driving technique

    I don't bother swapping out from D (or from +/-) if I think I'll only be stopped for a short time. In general I only move to N in situations where I'm putting the handbrake on, i.e. if the stop is long enough to use the handbrake then use N. and take your foot off the footbrake. But I do tend...
  9. Skittler

    Roof rack for A3 3 Door Prices may have changed in three years of course :)
  10. Skittler

    Can you move the rear view mirror up slightly...?

    It is done regularly by AutoGlass etc when they replace a windscreen. Mine was replaced only a couple of weeks ago, so obviously they must have detached and re-attached the mirror.
  11. Skittler

    Problem with 3.2Q DSG brakes?

    Mine does this every time it's parked up for more than a few days. Got back from two weeks' skiing yesterday and I KNEW it was going to do it even before I got in at the airport. A few minutes later (assuming you use the brakes in that time) and it's gone.
  12. Skittler

    Snow Chains for 18" 3.2 Quattro

    Trev, I'll give you a ring from the hospital in Moutiers if there's a problem...
  13. Skittler

    Snow Chains for 18" 3.2 Quattro

    Jamie, did you buy two pairs? If not, did you just put them on the front wheels? Presumably they worked OK for you - you didn't say :)
  14. Skittler

    Snow Chains for 18" 3.2 Quattro

    Just been thinking about next year's skiing. Well, why not, there's no Summer happening in the UK this year... I was considering driving to the Alps from the UK and spending a couple of days in several different resorts over a couple of weeks, instead of a week or two in one place. Almost...
  15. Skittler

    Calling all 3.2 DSG owners!

    I get this as soon as I open the door. No need to put the key in the ignition, turn on the electrics, or start the engine: It just happens. I have always assumed it was the fuel pump and have never worried about it.
  16. Skittler

    Can I fit a 40" TV in an S3?

    I hope you mean it fits VERTICALLY. You don't want to be carting around a big sheet of glass horizontally if you can help it!
  17. Skittler

    Ambient LED install help

    I assume you mean the LEDs in the ceiling near the rear view mirror? Before you go for this idea: I did it about a year ago (on a 3.2 not an S3) and it's easy enough. I do like the glow that it provides, BUT... The intensity of the glow is linked to the dashboard light brightness...
  18. Skittler

    Audi A3 3.2 V6 Quatto.

    Welcome to the club!
  19. Skittler

    3.2 V6 Engine

    Must have... The ability to accept unfounded criticism from S3 drivers who don't understand that neither car is 'better'; they're just 'different' :) Oops. Please don't start again - sigh. ...and deep pockets. Just renewed my Tax Disc: £400. Yikes!
  20. Skittler

    Road Tax - How Much??

    Grrrr. Mine's due by end March: £300