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  1. scrupes

    rear brakes upgrade

    As i remember it: B5 variant S4 brakes won't fit a B5 A4 or A4 quattro as the hubs have differing caliper mounts on them. I have been told that the B6 S4 and A4's have the same mount points! this is not gospel though. You would also need the S4's calipers and caliper carriers, so if they are...
  2. scrupes

    missing thread?

    Yeah thats because satans child had incorectly posted it in the wrong place so the mods will have removed it and probably asked him to list in the correct forum ie. classifieds... but to be fair i think he wa just putting the feelers out to see if there was any interest in his bits which i think...
  3. scrupes

    National ASN Meet - interested???

    another 3 interested parties here! ( another convoy Jamie? only at a more legal pace!:scared2: )
  4. scrupes

    Tescos 18's only

    Ooooh yeah!
  5. scrupes

    plzzzz need help blower fan

    :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao: sorry but it sounds like you've pulverised your dashboard hehe:) have you looked to see if the wire is still conected to the switch? if so the switch could be broken, some of the older type switches can be opened gently to enable you to...
  6. scrupes

    Pads and discs??

    Discs: as you will already have the larger standard sized discs (288mm) you wont get that much extra benefit from buying replacement standard discs or drilled or grooved discs. Pads: on the other hand can make a significant difference depending on the make and specification. it is all...
  7. scrupes

    rear brakes upgrade

    If you were to upgrade the rear brakes you would most certainly make the car unstable under braking as the brakes would remove the front brake bias. you'd have to upgrade the fronts as well to overcome this, besides it's the front brakes that do most of the work anyway you'd be better off...
  8. scrupes

    The Love Dress

    I like it! nice one :icon_thumright:
  9. scrupes

    Forget the Cadbury's Gorilla!

  10. scrupes

    powerflex advice. a final definitive answer anyone?

    ????????? they need pressing in to the suspension arms but if you're getting knocks chances are it's the balljoints on the end of the arms, they cant be replaced, just the full arm with the bushes and joints fitted. it's apparently a straight forward job for a garage with all the toys...
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    Yip, have you not learned yet. your details can be 'had' from most of these types of sites. there are far too many scheming deviants whom are far cleverer than your firewall and anti spyware that it's just too unsafe to put your real details in. Best policy is to lie, then you cant be...
  12. scrupes

    Fuel prices

    funny it's not the first time i've been told that:icon_thumright:
  13. scrupes

    Who needs turbo's

    ****** hell, and i thought I'd heard it all? ... I have now! what a clown!
  14. scrupes

    Fuel prices

    ..... and then your loan and mortgage goes up..... catch 22
  15. scrupes

    Polish Police Vs A4 B5

    I thoroughly enjoyed that!
  16. scrupes

    Fuel prices

    I dont think any of the above would work as it's all been tried before anyhow! what if the nearest fuel station is a BP?ESSO and its a further 20 or 30 miles out of your way to get SHELL fuel? and your fuel is nearly out! are you seriously saying you'd make that trek of maybe 50 miles or so to...
  17. scrupes

    Is this illegal in England?

    but i suspect you'd get pulled up and told to change it asap!
  18. scrupes

    Is this illegal in England?

    Guidelines on how "number plates" should be displayed All number plates including numbers those purchased through's sales scheme must be displayed in accordance with The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 (obtainable from Her Majesty's Stationery Office). Rules...
  19. scrupes

    Halfords window cleaner liquid : DISGRACE

    i use a Mcd's small drinks cup with a decent portion of it cut down to allow a tin of pop or a coffee cup to fit in without falling all over, it also catches any drips from around the rim of the cup and best yet it fits snugly!! back to the original subject... i use window wipes from the...
  20. scrupes

    TT Metro

    Yeah very true, but 5 yrs ago it was a different story, plus it's easy enough to fit a 1600 suzuki engine in and WAHEY!!! similar 0 - 60 as a standard TT! Not that I'm into that type of thing... honest.... (Oh dig a bigger hole for myself.. Again)