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  1. garag

    Oil recomendations for 2.0 TDI

    I use Shell Helix Diesel Plus HX7 5W30 with VW 505.01
  2. garag

    Leaky boost pipe, 2.0 TDI - solution?

    hey man, are you sure that TFSI IC = BKD IC? I ask you because I can get a cheap S3 IC and I don't know how It's going to fit in my MKV 2.0TDi BKD...just buying the forge silicone hose kit?
  3. garag

    Engine mounts

    Suscribed...because I want to know differents opinions before I've ordered mine for a 2.0TDi engine
  4. garag

    2.0 tdi Sport - Eibach Pro, Sportline or H&R

    Dropped with eibach sportlines you get a car nice stance and looks good
  5. garag

    Ecu remap/box a3 tdi 2.0 140

    Now the car is stage1 isn't an original ecu data from a 2.0TDi140hp, Must I get the original software from my chiptuner?
  6. garag

    best panel filter for 2.0TDI A3??

    Good, I'm going to order mine from Fk, have you bought any cleaning kit?. Do you know any guide or thread to change the filter?
  7. garag

    best panel filter for 2.0TDI A3??

    Hey, I've seen the Fk panel filter with a very very good price, the best price i've never seen... Is this for 2.0TDi140 bkd? Filtro deportivo de FK - tamaño: 341x135x30 mm - para Volkswagen Golf 5 (1K) 10.2003-
  8. garag

    Ecu remap/box a3 tdi 2.0 140

    I'm interested in a fr&r tuning st3 box but i'm not sure how can i do to get my original ecu data, ¿asking my chiptuner? -garag
  9. garag

    best panel filter for 2.0TDI A3??

    anybody with this remap? I'm interested. I've my car stage1 remapped by a spanish chiptuner called "TLRsport" for this price -garag