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  1. rasA4

    Option packs?

    I’ve noticed some a1’s have heater knobs and some don’t. What ‘pack’ or option is that called?
  2. rasA4

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    I’m looking for a new wheel brush to get into the twin spoke diamond cut wheels I’m struggling to use the wheel whoolies even with the smallest one Any recommendations please?
  3. rasA4

    2017 A4 B9 retrofit folding mirrors

    yup as @cuke2u said i can 100% confirm folding mirrors work with 8WO 959 592/3 as i installed it myself with OBD11 back in 2018
  4. rasA4

    Trickle charging a stop-start battery

    amazon direct is £20.49 although temp out of stock, I've ordered in the past and always have honored the price.
  5. rasA4

    Facelift Door Speakers Replacement

    Have you confirmed it’s the actual speaker? It can be the door/card vibration Have you thought about adding some sound deadening
  6. rasA4

    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Looks great especially on darker cars
  7. rasA4

    Number Plates and Holder

    i have these currently sold out however Genuine Audi part number 3291900100 you will notice it doesn't have a border all the way round just at the top and the bottom
  8. rasA4

    What did you & your B9 do today?

    whoops social distancing thanks for pointing that out
  9. rasA4

    Retrofit folding mirrors S5

    @Audigit if you are talking about folding mirrors can be done via OBDELEVEN, 360 is on another level though
  10. rasA4

    What did you & your B9 do today?

    done a map update last night thanks to @cuke2u instructions when to turn the car on to do the battery was low never had this before, mind you never had to do social distancing before so took it out of the garage and left the car on while it updated Edit: amended changed from self isolation to...
  11. rasA4

    Retrofit Parking Assistance Pack Advanced

    Personally the side assist is very useful when on motorways and the rear camera is essential very useful a lot more than self parking
  12. rasA4

    Facelift MMI firmware update

    WiFi Apple CarPlay? Is this available for your 2017 car?
  13. rasA4

    Retrofit Parking Assistance Pack Advanced

    Agreed it’s a lot of work From what I found when I was looking for my car it’s quite a rare option folk spec up
  14. rasA4

    Michelin pilot sport 4s or ?

    I hear you. If you have Costco memberships they have offers on these every 3 months or so of course when this pandemic is over
  15. rasA4

    Water getting in !

    Any particular pattern for e.g when it rains Have you checked around the light?
  16. rasA4

    Michelin pilot sport 4s or ?

    i have Michelin PS4's had Hankook's before what a massive difference in the ride quality
  17. rasA4

    COVID-19 & MOT’s

    think its handy mine was due in April, rather have an MOT renewal in the summer
  18. rasA4

    Retrofit Parking Assistance Pack Advanced

    you will need a fair amount of parts for this, out of interest are your mirrors folding?
  19. rasA4

    Dashboard rattle and Door creaking - not the speakers

    Which sound deadening product did you use? dont suppose you have any pictures?