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  1. EXSpartan36

    Suspension Knuckle? Allroad/Avant/Saloon

    Lol unfortunately I don't.
  2. EXSpartan36

    Ampire CarPlay unit

    Ive got the RSNav unit in my A5. its good but to be honest the Bavarian automotive one that I fitted to the wifes car is just as good and arrives alot quicker.
  3. EXSpartan36

    Ampire CarPlay unit

    I haven't fitted that particular one but I have fitted the unit and the one. Both are great units and a third of the price.
  4. EXSpartan36

    A5 Sportback autoease Power tailgate retrofit

    I had enough of opening and closing my tailgate as its ****** heavy! So I took a chance and ordered the power tailgate kit from Autoease in China. Fitting was pretty straightforward apart from getting all the cables through the tiny grommets between the tailgate and the body. I found removing...
  5. EXSpartan36

    Help Please MMI Screen Differences

    You are correct The first 2 letter say what model it is fitted to. So not always interchangeable.
  6. EXSpartan36

    Would anyone mind looking at a vcds scan please?

    They all seem to be low voltage codes. Your battery is only supplying 11.5V Either give it a good charge or replace the battery.
  7. EXSpartan36

    Android Auto (UK)

    The unit in my wife's A5 is from Bavarian automotive. They are good.
  8. EXSpartan36

    Android Auto (UK)

    I had the android unit with aftermarket rear camera from RSnav in my A4 which had a symphony unit. It's a great unit. Couldn't fault it at all. I now have the android auto interface from rsnav in my A5 which is also good. I think with the Concert/symphony unit you are limited to the android unit.
  9. EXSpartan36

    Suspension Knuckle? Allroad/Avant/Saloon

    No problem. I will dig it out tomorrow evening and sort a courier. DM me your address. @Hangn says the difference are the thread sizes. The one I have is the M14 version so if you wanted to double check with the garage you can.
  10. EXSpartan36

    Suspension Knuckle? Allroad/Avant/Saloon

    Find out which P/N knuckle you need, if its 8K0407254AB I have one you can have just pay postage. I ordered it for my old A4 from Autodoc but got the wrong one so had to get another one.
  11. EXSpartan36

    2017 A5 Sloshing Sound

    Have you checked the drain holes in the bottom of the rear doors?
  12. EXSpartan36

    Lava Grey dechromed/blacked out pics?

    Google A5 Black edition that should show you what it'll look like.
  13. EXSpartan36

    Reverse camera

    I had the same issue on my old A4. I used the reverse trigger wire to switch the relay which was an old Ford wiper relay I had laying around. I used a 12v supply from from an unused fuse in the boot.
  14. EXSpartan36

    New front driver upright needed

    Its a shame your doesn't have the M14 version as I have a O/S/F knuckle spare in the garage.
  15. EXSpartan36

    Brake Disc Size and Tuning Box??

    There should be a sticker in your spare wheel well with your VIN number and all the PR codes for your Car. one of those codes will relate to your disc size. I've got a TDI-tuning box on my 2.0TDI quattro. It done nothing for my MPG but the extra power is amazing.
  16. EXSpartan36

    Quattro Transmission failure

    If I remember rightly. There is a small cover on the bell housing which gives you access the flywheel bolts. You might be able to have a look in there and get an idea if there is an issue with clutch and flywheel. You need to take the box out anyway tho.
  17. EXSpartan36

    ECU software update

    I had the emissions update on my 2010 A4 2.0TDI. The MPG dropped by around 5 miles but I had better throttle response after.
  18. EXSpartan36

    Black soot around exhaust and smoke on acceleration

    If all this has happened after all the work has been done I would be getting that checked. Black smoke is usually lack of air or too much fuel. Check your intercooler isn't split and check all your pipe work isn't split between intake manifold and turbo.
  19. EXSpartan36

    Sold Genuine VCDS Hex+Can USB Cable- Unlimited VIN £200

    Sorry mate sold it yesterday. Can't figure out how to mark as sold at the moment.