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  1. Tay

    Anyone in Wrexham, Chester or North wales area with VCDS?

    If your ever near Warrington area I'd be happy to help
  2. Tay

    Official - Let's meet!

    Daytime or evening? I'd be up for it but need to check my calendar on Monday.
  3. Tay

    Meet up 26/04/15 11:00 Cheshire Oaks

    It only seems to be the NW which is a ghost town for some reason
  4. Tay

    S4 Owners - Your Best & Worst Average MPG Figures (According To Your DIS)

    I got a record 36.2mpg average recently due to average speed camera on the motorway! Closely followed by 25mpg average at long trip at an average speed just over 100mph on the autobahn.
  5. Tay

    Northern meet

    I would come along but I'm away with work that week.
  6. Tay

    8P S3 to S4

    Very nice car! Exactly the same switch I did a year a ago (although mine is a saloon) and wouldn't go back. Assuming the Shark software is still installed, what's the performance like - Real world driving and actual figures?
  7. Tay

    Supersport Seats Tablet Mount

    Can anyone recommend a tablet mount to fit the S4 Supersport seats?
  8. Tay

    Phill's New S4 Black Edition Saloon in Sepang Blue - Collected!!!!

    Audi themselves caused this problem by making it an option colour on most cars, when it used to be a RS colour or exclusive paint. Awesome Spec on the new car though, hope the wait isn't too painful!
  9. Tay

    New light cluster required?

    I had the same thing and had to replace the full unit, thankfully it was under warranty. Seen a few other A4s around my way with a similar problem, seems to be quite a common fault
  10. Tay

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Blue Sepang SB with TEZ **** plate I think, turned off the East Lancs A580 this afternoon behind me in my white S4. Lovely car, stunning colour!
  11. Tay

    Roofbars & Alarms

    Well I've just fitted some roofbars to my S4, finished fitting and locked the car and 2 minutes later the alarm goes off. Has this happened to anyone else? The roof bars must be part of the cause as this is the first time the alarm has even gone off in the year I've had the car.
  12. Tay

    Picked up my S4 last night

    Maybe it's a resonated version?
  13. Tay

    My B8 build plans ..??..

    Get the rear diffuser on! There's some nice looking ones fitted to S4s in the U.S. Nice plan, no hesitation at all on waiting a while to add mods!
  14. Tay

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Where is that? It looks like Corney Fell in Cumbria.
  15. Tay

    MRC Stage 2 S4

  16. Tay

    MRC Stage 2 S4

    I would make the diff the be all and end all personally, drove both before buying my S4 and would say there's a difference but you'd struggle to notice on normal roads (legally). Your spec is similar to my car minus the sports diff, good choice! Mine might go up for sale if I find the right RS4.
  17. Tay

    New B5 S4 owner from NW

    Welcome! Hopefully another who might attend the NW meets
  18. Tay

    Meet up 26/04/15 11:00 Cheshire Oaks

    I couldn't make it in the end, will try to make the next one! Get some photos up as evidence it happened Ant!
  19. Tay

    S4 Owners - Your Best & Worst Average MPG Figures (According To Your DIS)

    32.7 mpg best in many miles of average speed cameras. 11 mpg worst! (And see low teens regularly in a very slow commute).
  20. Tay

    [Apr 12, 2015] CREWE AUDI DEALERSHIP MEET (Cheshire)

    Is there still a minimum age of 25?