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    C5 2005 Allroad Wheel Refurb

    Hi Guys I'm needing my wheels done ,they're starting to blister , my concern is the centre caps can these also be refurbed or best to replace , any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance, Cheers D
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    Car Jump Starter

    H Alan, its a6 allroad c5 2005 ,totally flat no instruments lit at all ,I charged the powerpack on Saturday full four lights, says it will start a car with three lights or above ,connected the pack ,aircon & compressor fired up ,turned the key ,started as per normal, i've had starters before...
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    Number Plate Lights

    Hi Amiram,its a 2005 a6 allroad c5,whats your thoughts ? Cheers D
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    Car Jump Starter

    Hi Guys Since having power drain problems with my number plate lights, i purchased a RoyPow 18000mah jump starter from amazon £90,amazing bit of kit ,connected it up and it started 1st turn ,it also serves as a portable powerpack for phones & tablets etc ,so thought I would share my results Cheers D
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    Number Plate Lights

    Hi Guys I've got an intermittent fault on my rear number plate lights ,they stay on sometime after locking,this happened before & had to replace the comfort control module, could this be the issues with my radio power ? Thanks in advance D
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    Radio Power

    Thanks Rob ,I sent it away & got it checked ,the chap said it powered up on the bench ,so think the issues elsewhere,my number plate lights are staying on intermittently after locking ,so it could the comfort control module cheers for your effort D
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    Radio Power

    Hi ,thanks for your reply ,tried all the fuses & theyre fine, i replaced the control module in the foot well last year ,but maybe I'm getting water in again, i'll check that again ,just not sure the sequence of cabling ,what powers what, but your reply well appreciated Cheers D
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    Electronic Jump Starter

    Hi Guys, Has any of you sampled these 80,000 mah power packs available on fleabay approx. £50, for starting cars & motor bikes?, beggars belief how its possible for something so small to be so effective Cheers D
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    Radio Power

    Hi Guys I recently posted with satnav issues, unfortunately had no replies, I also have no radio which is a real pain ,I've read in different posts about water pipes breaking in the tailgate & popping fuses,I do have water in the spare wheel well ,but no signs where its from ,is there a control...
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    Satnav Repairer Wanted

    Hi Guys Would anyone know of a tech near Glasgow for a 2005 C5 Allroad ,satnav wont power up unless removed & will power up on bench Many Thanks in advance Regards D
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    Satnav Issues

    Hi Guys My 2005 C5 has been garaged for the last 6 months ,it runs great but just before it went away for the summer ,the satnav head unit wouldn't open ,I sent this away & it was found to open up on the bench , my cd changer wont open either ,my question is ,where do I start ,is there inline...
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    Allroad Radio Help

    Hi Guys I've posted before about this but really stuck ,the rns-e unit in my 05 allroad is totally blank & wont switch on i removed the unit ,applied 12v to kl30 7 kl31 it powered up ,i entered the code & all looks normal ,when i connect it to the wiring harness again ,i still have voltage on...
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Hi Guys I've got a 2005 2.5 A6 allroad with 174,000 miles, just done a 600 mile round trip with my grown up family ,my wife's got an A5 black edition & i've got a A4 Cabriolet stored for summer use only .I've had 33 cars in total, mostly German sports models ,must be getting old cos i...
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    RNS-E Wiring Help

    Hey Francois, Really appreciate you taking the time, Cheers D
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    Hi Guys Sent my rns-e unit away to be checked ,the chaps left a message saying all appeared ok with the unit ,which leads me to think it must be in car.Could anyone let me know on what pins i should have a voltage on in the rear plugs ? ,the car is an 2005 A6 allroad,many thanks in advance
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    Rns-e issues

    Hi Arnie im having the same issues with my unit ,there is power at the rear but don't know what pins should have voltage,did you get a resolution for your own? Regards D
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    RNS-E Wiring Help

    Good Afternoon All Can anyone help with the power connections at the rear of this unit,my unit is completely Dead ,no display ,n no fan running, i'm testing the D plug for voltage , I've got 12v permanently on pin14 and on 13 when I first put key in, i read there should be 12v on pin 15 &a...
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    Navigation Plus Issues

    Hi Guys Having problems with a Nav plus unit in a 2005 a6 allroad,was having the usual issues with water in the rear passenger footwell, managed to stem the flow from blocked drain plugs & broken filter housing under bonnet My satnav started showing a different area from where i was located...
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    cabriolet roof stall

    Hi Guys Looking for some advice on a2003 b6 cab roof,first time it stalled i managed to close & lock it manually ,it then worked as norm for a couple of outings ,but today there,s a grinding coming from the locking mechanism above the windscreen,it did open with a gentle push up ,but the noise...
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    current halogens misting up & few stone chips so still considering either replacing or upgrading but cheers anyway law abiding chappy