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    Anyone got a Bluefin 2.0TFSI?

    I had the Bluefin Superchips on by 2.0T Quattro A3 and it was certainly worthwhile. There was a deal on at my local VAG specialist and I think I paid £400 all in. I then changed the A3 2.0T for an S3....and because less then a year had passed since I had purchased the Bluefin device, I was able...
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    A3 2.0 T Quattro Stutter

    Yep, cheers mate. Power delivery is smooth as ;-)
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    A3 2.0 T Quattro Stutter

    After reverting back to the original map with Bluefin, there was a less pronounced stutter, but a stutter all the same. Then put the Superchips map back on and it really was more of a misfire than a stutter. Took it into the local VAG specialists (as my GF pointed out - that acronym could be...
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    A3 2.0 T Quattro Stutter

    Thanks guys. First thing to try is restoring the original map with the Bluefin and see what happens - then the plugs if that makes no difference. I haven't had them changed since I've owned the car (Mar 09), and I've done about 20k miles since owning the car - will have to check with Audi...
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    A3 2.0 T Quattro Stutter

    Hi all, Had my 55 plate 2.0T quattro bluefinned back in September. Blew the original Diverter Valve almost straight away and had it replaced by the local VAG independent with latest non-rubber diaphram version. In the last few weeks under full throttle, and usually in higher gears on the...
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    Alloy Refurb on South Coast

    Thanks. Tried The Wheel Specialist. They seem to know what they're doing. Apparently the alloy is too damaged to be "touched up". A full refurb will be £70 plus £12 for removal, fitting, and then VAT,so £94 all in! Interestingly the guys said I was the 4th person who mullered their alloys in...
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    Alloy Refurb on South Coast

    Was wondering if anyone can recommend an Alloy Refurb company (ideally mobile) on the South (Hampshire) coast? I mullered my rear offside 18" RS6 type alloy on the really high curbs by the multi storey exit gate in West Quay. The lanes for the ticket gates are really narrow as well, and all I...
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    2.0 TFSi Quattro MPG

    Thanks guys. It seems my MPG ain't so bad after all. On my Mway drive to work and back today I managed to return 31 MPG, driving at the legal limit (which I do all the time, of course). My overall MPG since buying the car is now 27 MPG (on the 2nd DIS memory) So I guess it's just a question of...
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    2.0 TFSi Quattro MPG

    Hi all, Bought myself a 55 plate 3 dr 2.OT Quattro S line recently and was wondering what sort of economy figures other owners are getting? It's unmodified. I know if I wanted a parsimonious a3 I should gone for the derv one, but it seems that my new car has the same economy, if not worse...
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    What car did you have before S3? and what next?

    Sure there was a similar thread on this a few months ago. My list: Passed my test in '93, but didn't own my first car until I'd left Uni 3 years later, and boy, did I buy a cracker: 1985 Vauxhal Nova 1.2 (Saloon, with Burgundy interior - arrgh! Cost me £150), then I realized what I wanted in...
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    Latest Reg for 8L Chassis S3

    OK cheers. Know what you mean about cars that are late registered because they were sat on an airfield somewhere, unsold. Can't imagine there were any S3s that sat around as they were the end of the production run.... So I guess the latest will be a 53 plate, unless anyone knows more....?
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    Latest Reg for 8L Chassis S3

    Am thinking of trying to find a mint, late reg S3. What was the last registration\ year for an 8L S3? It seems to be a 2004, 53 plate. Are there any 04 or 54 platers? If anyone's got a genuine minty McMint Dolphin Grey 04\ 54 plater with sub 40k miles, I may be interested.... I've currently...
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    what car did you have before?

    Apart from my S3 now and my first car, I've been a sucker for Pugeot hot hatches . They don't make a decent one anymore, hence the defection from the French to the Germans. D Reg Nova - 1.2 - i (!) Pug 205 XS Pug 205 1.6 GTi Pug 306 XSi 8v Pug 306 Rallye Pug 306 Gti 6 and now the S3 None of...
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    Cam Belt!

    Have used ABTech and they're good, although cheeky buggers quoted me £370 for the job, and said that the water pump would come with a plastic impellor, not metal. Is your car an S3? If it is I'll have to have some words to match your £300 quote.....
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    Z4 Getting Raped By A Golf

    :laugh: Very funny!
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    Audi S3 service in Dorset/Hampshire

    Yep - ABTech are good and knowledgable. They are also based next door to a Ferrari\ Maserati specialists, so you can always oggle at the exotica next door!
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    S3 MPG?

    I get about 280-320 miles a tank and I use the car everyday for commuting and then long runs at the weekend visting mates. The trip computer says I'm avereging 26.5 mpg, which seems about right. Although when I first got the car last year, the previous owner mut have been a bit more gentle with...
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    Mountain Drive

    I thought it might have been - judging by the mix of other cars. It's an amazing road, like something off GT4. A two lane mountain road with twisties and everyting! They must be pulling some serious speed on the straights.
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    Mountain Drive

    Dunno if this has been posted before. An RS6 vs. Scooby. This is about 9 mins long, and shows some v.selfish\ anti-social driving, but it's a great to watch!. God knows what the other road users thought - and where the hell is the road - Spain...
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    Warped Discs?

    I've only had the car since October, and admittedly the car had the same "Feature" back then, so I can't be anything to do with me mullering the barkes since buying it. I guess it must be either very very uncouth, noisy ABS, or the discs need replacing. I'll get the garage to check it out when...