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    2.0 8V - Engine help. VCDS attached.

    Any suggestions where to start? Idles sweet, any throttle and she stalls. MAF disconnected same thing. Had a quick feel of pipes but cant feel a leak, will start investigating this weekend. Its a Golf Mk3.5 2001. 5 Faults Found: 17859 - Secondary Air Injection System P1451 - 35-00 - Short to...
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    1.4 TDI model help.

    Hi all Looking for something stupid good on fuel for a daily. The original 1.4tdi 75bhp I'm well aware of. However wanted the Newer eco one as its claimed to be nearly 20mpg better, how? It looks same engine in specs yet it has 70 or 80 bhp. Has the engined changed? Or just been mapped? They...
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    Intercooler seals Part No's? Help

    Cheers buddy. It doesnt list BMN so not sure its for 170. Anyone any ideas?
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    Intercooler seals Part No's? Help

    Could you just state part number please? If you would like to email to me I will host and post it for you the image. I presume 170 and 140 seals are the same. Im ordering a forge kit and will replace all the oil seals too as a matter of course Cheers Sheldon
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    140 vs 170

    TDI's. What's the difference? How can you tell them apart? Its only for daily so power isn't that important. Should I go for a 170 or a 140? Cheers
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    alarm fault??

    Nearside back light cluster you will find black alarm box in there. Open it up with a dremel, you will find the batteries and leaked and **** your circuit board in it!