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    Any recommendation for dent repair around Bath?

    Hi, Does anyone have a recommendation for one of those paintless dent repair specialists who cover Bath? Somebody very kindly drove into our A6 in a car park and left a dent but no note, the paint is fine but needs a dent pulling. I have left contacts with both Dings'n'dents and Dentmagic but...
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    How long should a clutch last?

    My clutch needed replacing at 60k ('03 S3).
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    cruise control

    I bought our A4 used from a dealer and I negotiated the addition of cruise control as part of the deal amongst other small details such as price, as I knew it's a doddle to do. So that's always an option open to you.
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    S3 Tyres...

    The S3 doesn't have a limited slip diff. It has a Haldex diff between front and rear, which is an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch and varies the amount of drive to the rear wheels. The Haldex IS tolerant of different tread depths, so you can replace rears and fronts at different...
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    tyre choices

    This isn't necessary on the S3 as the haldex 4wd system is tolerant of different tread depths. The torsen permanent 4wd in the other quattros A4, A6 etc. have a very tight tolerances and will cook the diff if there's too great a difference. My S3 normally solves this argument for me anyway...
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    Paint bubbling/corrosion on edge of roof

    Guys, do you have to dig around in the drainage channels to see the bubbling paint or is it visible normally? I had a look around mine just as a preventative measure but couldn't see anything, just wondered if it might be hidden by the plastic strip in there. Thanks.
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    Spray on Avant rear window ?

    No, they definitely come with mirrors, as when you approach them they are dawdling along following the line of traffic until you make the first move to overtake, at which point they pull out and go all psychotic - all without signalling of course :-)
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    Spray on Avant rear window ?

    We have mudguards on our B6 and it still kicks up the dirt. I've always had either hatchbacks or estates though so I'm used to it. Don't you invalidate the warranty on a german car by looking behind you? :-)
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    Anybody retrofitted Isofix?

    Was the £180 for both sides or just the one? thanks.
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    To Bose or to not Bose

    I've had an 8L S3 both with Bose and then my current one which I ordered without Bose and have gone after-market with one of AndyMac's most excellent subs and replacement speakers all round. The standard 8L system without Bose is utter garbage and not worth having. I felt that for the same...
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    Passenger Airbag Switch - retrofit?

    I've resurrected this thread as I really need to get the nipper in the front seat at the same time as carrying something in the rear with the rear seats folded. I would use my S3 in the same role instead of the A4, but the seats are too bucketed to take a full size kiddy seat (rock-a-tot size...
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    A4 Avant TDI 130 tyre choices

    Your insurance company will take the view that you need to run whatever rating was fitted as OEM spec for your car as a minimum rating, so if OEM spec is V then you can run V or higher etc. Otherwise in the event you are unlucky the insurance assessor might take that excuse to invalidate your...
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    A4 TDI - 100, 115 or 130 - Which to buy

    We have a B6 130 Sport (2wd 6sp) as the family car and we've been pretty happy with it, I wouldn't want to go for the 100bhp version though - although the 130 pulls very well and is surprisingly quick, I drive a 225bhp petrol car and the difference is very marked! It returns great economy and...
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    Oil - What to do?

    I only get about 17k out of a variable service before it moans, so don't expect 20k unless you do lots of long runs on the motorway and never any town/country roads. I priced up the fixed versus variable options and I don't think there's much in it, as on fixed you get one cheap 10k and then...
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    LPG S3

    I think this is the first thread that's done a comparison between a fiesta van and the S3, makes a nice change between comparisons between the S3 and R32 or Scoob or 330 etc! Seriously though we're talking different markets, you buy a fiesta van for very different reasons than an S3 and...
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    LPG S3

    Why bother, it'll cost the earth to convert, will probably need a remap, you'll need to declare the mods to your insurance company (another excuse to charge you extra), you'll lose space in the already small boot and at the end of all that it will be impossible to sell on - all of which buys you...
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    About the Xenon HID on 8L S3

    I removed the bumper on my S3 a few years ago to extract the remains of a particularly stupid pheasant and it was easy to take off and put on again and no problem with the gaps etc, the only fiddly bits are the plug type fixings on the top edge under the bonnet which have a central locking pin...
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    oil consumption

    My first S3 didn't use a drop, current one does - though it has just swapped to using 5w as per Audi's new scheme so that may improve. Our 1.9Tdi A4 also uses a fair bit too. I trust my local dealer and they say it's quite normal. So I guess some do, some don't and from my own limited...
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    Audi Nightmare

    I suspect a 2000w plate isn't under warranty. However I would expect to get a courtesy car from my own local dealership without having to ask. I'm surprised that you've had to hire a car especially as it has gone on so long, and some of the delay was their fault - I suggest you ring the...
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    Aerials - A little help please!

    The base, not the antenna itself.