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    Water in the passenger footwell

    Right. Got the battery out. What a Fekking pain with a short Allen key. Cleared the drain and all is fine. Thanks. Problem is now the bolt to hold the battery doesn't seem to want to go back in. Don't want to force it and cross thread the bolt. Will get a longer Allen key. What a ****e design of...
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    Water in the passenger footwell

    I have water in the passenger footwell that looks like it has come through the pollen filter. What can I do to prevent this happening and where should I look to find out why the water has built up in the wiper valley. I've driven through very bad weather in the past and this is the first time it...
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    turbo lag after remap help please!

    Are you saying that the tourque was down from the start?
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    2.0t Engine Seized :(

    You can get cheaper recon engines than that. Worth looking around.
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    Ah well. New extractor key fitted but still would not budge the Fekking thing. Garage it is then. Not using these again.
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    Have a look on eBay for seller gamzedagli. They have a lot of different types on their site.
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    Got one from the bay for £28.
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    Thinking about it your right there. Suppose if a garage messed it up could end up have to buy a new alloy as well. It's just I have to drive an hour to get it. I hate it when things like this happens.
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    Just rang Audi. £42. Not Fekking happy but got to get it.
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    Thanks for the replies. Just so annoyed as I was going to change my front brake pads and I need some tyres. Will ring audi. Might not use them again though. Ricostuart: it's not the nut on the car but the extractor you put on to take the bolt off. The cast bit has snapped off. I never over...
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    Wheel security nut. Help!!

    While trying to take off my wheel the security nut has sheered at the shaped end. Can I get one from Audi to fit my exiting one? Or would I have to have a new set and get the bolt drilled out somehow. :scared2:
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    Just had a Shark remap on my 140 bhp TDI

    I'm sure you should feel some improvement. For that money I would have expected a custom set up and a run on a rolling road.
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    No remap said I was burning oil

    Sounds like the garage has sound advice. They could have remapped it and said nothing. Then your engine could have gone bang. A remap will soon find any weakness. Have your turbo checked before you have the remap.
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    Photoshop request

    Your car looks great as it is. White doesn't go with the blue to be honest.
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    Hope this wasnt anybody on here. B7 on the m4! shocked

    What a lazy barsteward. That's just crazy.
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    help with springs??

    Are the shocks the same on the SE and the S-line.
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    How much oil

    Got to be honest the dipstick is ****e. Why put a black coloured end on the ****** thing.
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    Need replacement turbo - does anyone know a good company? (A4 TDI)

    Tell them they have to wait. It's the holiday season so how can they expect you to sort it out that fast.
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    ESP light

    How bad are your tyres. Do you mean uneven tyre wear or one tyre has more tread than the other.
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    Lingering revs

    Depending on how you drive your car the clutch and flywheel should last longer than that.