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  1. abmat

    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    Hope you get better soon. But looking good, you’re getting there bit by bit.
  2. abmat

    My Audi App

    Or from google maps go to share it and select the my Audi icon.
  3. abmat

    My Audi App

    Checked mine after seeing this thread. was rings then app updated. Now back to vehicle.
  4. abmat

    My Audi App

    how is the app configured? Is it set to background refresh? I’ve never had this issue on my A6, so if it was a server issue I’d have expected to.
  5. abmat

    RS3 8Y Picture Gallery Thread

    I’d hazard a guess that isn’t his car as it’s on European plates.
  6. abmat

    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    White is the best colour. Wish I’d been patient and got white.
  7. abmat

    No max aircon

    My max a/c is to the left of recirculate. It’s only just started doing this. Every so often disappears then comes back. Frustrating if you get into a very hot car. what MY is your car, as I’ve never configured the buttons. This is how it came.
  8. abmat

    No max aircon

    Morning all. Randomly when we get in the car there is no option on the display for max a/c. Next startup it’s back. anyone else had this?
  9. abmat

    Free White…?

    Filament blue is a horrendous colour to keep clean as well. as above clean for an hour then just looks dusty.
  10. abmat

    Audi A3 facelift conversion headlight fault

    @NHN is your man for this.
  11. abmat

    Engine Software update

    Nothing showing in my Audi app
  12. abmat

    Wireless CarPlay

    Only came as standard with tech pack?
  13. abmat

    Audi a6 c6 coming/leaving home

    Do you have auto lights? Can’t remember if the setting is in the mmi or you have to use vcds
  14. abmat


    Suppose it depends on what fluids they are using?
  15. abmat

    RS3 8Y General Discussion Thread.

    Do they drop fully if child lock is on?
  16. abmat

    Oh dear….how not to drive an S3

    Wasn’t he also arrested on drinks/drugs and no insurance charges? I’m sure I read that in the article I saw.
  17. abmat

    Faraday Signal Blocker Pouch ..

    I believe it is the keyless entry that poses the risk. This is combatted by the bonnet having to be open to use the obd2 port and the keys going dormant. if you’re still worried you could get a pouch or put the key in a metal tin.
  18. abmat

    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    Racing mica?