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  1. mcnallys

    The next meet - what would you guys like?

    suits me fine, let me know what time - I am sure I can spot you boy racers....
  2. mcnallys

    RS3.....worth the premium over the S3?

    Totally agree, I have S3 saloon with mag ride ay std, RS3 looks good, nice sound but not much difference for 10k extra.
  3. mcnallys

    The next meet - what would you guys like?

    Count me in, have been offline for a while. be good to see what all the fuss is about :)
  4. mcnallys

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    best black s3 I have seen - pure class!!
  5. mcnallys

    1st Official 8V RS3 shots

    evening all, Just back from dealers (good friend of mine), they have 3 orders in for RS3 - all Nardo. He was over in London at some audi day, he showed me pics of Nardo grey RS3 with black pack, et al - amazing!!! Right bad news - RS3 with any decent spec, seats, sound, etc.....over 50k...
  6. mcnallys

    Fingers crossed my dealer will help S3 to RS3 order

    as I thought, I would assume 9-10k would be the difference as it does need specced up and discount applied to full price. I had originally thought I should have waited for RS3 but I am sure I made the right choice. S3 is awesome and plenty quick for me and family - I do like a bit of luxury...
  7. mcnallys

    Bristle Hound Appreciation thread

    woof woof
  8. mcnallys

    s3 slow

    can't believe all that tosh, the engines must ene different in the US. I have S3 saloon (1500 miles) and a z4 (same 2.0 242 bhp engine marked 2.8) albeit a manual in Z4 compared to S tronic and I can tell you now that S3 is a lot faster off the mark. both running 19 inch wheels and same...
  9. mcnallys

    A3/S3 Colour Guide From Carwow

    yes, he is playing cards close to his chest. Nardo grey RS3?
  10. mcnallys

    A3/S3 Colour Guide From Carwow

    RS3? S4 Avant discount deal?
  11. mcnallys

    Order Cancellation

    SO WAS I - dying to know what BH is going for now..... bet it's an RS3! or highly discounted RS4. MY S3 saloon is now getting very quick, up to 1500 miles. I can see 3 points being added soon.
  12. mcnallys

    S3 Misano Red with black pack/roof rails or not??

    black pack and roof rails with pano roof.....sweet. white, red or grey. or sepang and chrome, just to confuse matters
  13. mcnallys

    Would You Buy/Have Bought An Uk A3 If It Had The 2.0TFSI 220Bhp Engine?

    I have just changed from a 220bhp A4 avant Quattro and was a damn fine motor and quick, s3 saloon is faster and very smooth. A4 had a hard ride, s line suspension, mag ride in S3 sorts that. enjoyed and enjoying both cars...... 2 good engines, A4 never missed a beat.....
  14. mcnallys

    BW 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50

    totally, just get it and enjoy it. I got my s3 on 12th dec and loving it!,,
  15. mcnallys

    Big day tomorrow!!

    lovely job, welcome to team sepang. so like mine, minus the red calipers. very quick car and I am most enjoying the mono pur, ha!
  16. mcnallys

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    looking good indeed, those 10 spokes are nice with the White... enjoy over Xmas. cmon bristle - when u getting yours?
  17. mcnallys

    Dealer contribution vs car discount

    The only thing we found (well the wife did) was that she banged her head on the roof of the back door of the S3 Sportback, when lifting toddler out of the seat - the S3 Saloon however was fine, so that was then choosen. I actually like the look of the Saloon and coming from an A4 Avant (B7)...
  18. mcnallys

    To collect before Christmas or New Year! HELP!!

    I have just got my S3 Saloon last week (but I had no car for the last 3 weeks), like you I am keeping it a good while (7.5-8 years) so it will not make a button of difference then. I think early xmas present and enjoy while you are off on holiday, I know I am! Si
  19. mcnallys

    Si Sepang S3 Saloon - pics now available…….

    weather has been poor, anyway hope you are are in the mood to pick up yours..... I am enjoying it very much, great for Xmas 2 weeks off work!!!
  20. mcnallys

    Si Sepang S3 Saloon - pics now available…….

    hi all, Pics are now posted to the pics area, a damp, mild day in Belfast - it needed a wash and used my camera and was pushed for time. Need some sunshine soon……. Car is amazing and perfect for us, size, performance and very easy round town - but it can really go when asked! Si