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    A7 LED Interior Courtesy Light Upgrade

    Hi all. As the interior/courtesy lights on my 2017 A7 are yellow and not really in keeping with the LED's everywhere else on the interior (very confused as why this would be) does anyone know what bulbs are needed to replace all these and how I get at them? Would ideally like to get some bulbs...
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    Upgrade/larger MMI screen possible?

    Just wanted the help of you guys with a query. Does anyone know if its possible to upgrade the MMI screen. I have a 2014 model with the tiny standard screen and want to upgrade this to the bigger one. Appreciate the larger screen comes as part of the tech package and not bothered about any of...
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    Upgrading to larger MMI Screen A7

    Hi all, I have a 64 plate facelift A7 with the ridiculously small MMI screen and was thinking about swapping this for a larger one. Anyone any advice/info/experience of doing this? There are tutorials on the web and larger screens can be picked up for £200 but needed to know if the...
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    MPG on A7 TDI 272 Black Edition

    I have the 268bhp model/engine and regularly get 40+ mpg on a 20 mile daily commute with a combination of motorway and "normal" roads. I think you would maybe need a longer run than 10 miles to see a more accurate mpg figure as my figures are still improving even after a 20 mile trip. On a...
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    Can I change media screen & add camera?

    Thanks Ady. Had seen these in a quick internet search but will have a more thorough internet browse soon.
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    Can I change media screen & add camera?

    New to the world of Audi, I have just picked up my new 64 plate A7 black edition (facelift model with 272bhp). Initial impression is WOW!!! what a machine...especially in dynamic mode. I want to upgrade a few things but official replies from Audi UK are very discouraging. I want to upgrade the...