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  1. nashchrs

    Talking of Wii's or PS3 or Xbox 360's

    I agree the Raving Rabids Game Is A good laugh!!! I've been struggling to pronounce it lately, went round to the G/F's mams a month ago and i said by accident "are we having a go on rampant rabbits"!! Like a C**t!!Ended up being red faced for 15mins LMFAO. Anyway,i'd only suggest getting the...
  2. nashchrs

    A3 vs TT (225)

    Not really suprised tbh. His was standard of course. Your FWD With lets say 10bhp down on him vs a heavier 4wd standard car. Power to weight! BHP/Tonne:salute:
  3. nashchrs

    Life after Audi

    And the cars i'd defiantely go back to irrelevant of their current value would defiantely be a 306GTI-6/rallye and a my old Fabia Vrs!!
  4. nashchrs

    Life after Audi

    Having just bought my S3 Late last year i always wanted an E46 M3. And they have come down in price massively!! However i'm going to have to stick with mine for a while now especially in this financial situation. I've driven a Bmw 335d and found that immense and a superb car......even for a...
  5. nashchrs

    Remap... without other mods?

    And i can vouch for how good the suspension on ESS Threes car, really is superb as i follow it home from work the majority of the nights and it certainly out handles my standard S3. I've even felt a little bit of understeer from mine whilst ESS Threes old car kept on turning in on every corner &...
  6. nashchrs

    Remap... without other mods?

    Theres Your answer Matt.
  7. nashchrs

    Remap... without other mods?

    I Don't Think the standard DV is up for the job when you Remap the car as obviously it ups the boost.Maybe it wont affect the car when remapped with the standard DV short term but apparantly it's an essential long term. Hence why a certain company offers a Forge 007P,a Panel Filter and stage 1...
  8. nashchrs

    Bonus Pall Competition . . . Help!

    Hmmmmm Tring to think of some WWE Stars as they usually peg it early!!......................?????? Eamon Holmes Jeremy Kyle Courtney Love Kerry Katona :think: Muhammed Ali M.J Fox as said Arnold Sly :hubbahubba:
  9. nashchrs

    Boot lid opening at random!

    I've got the same problem and its on and off. Once i try to close the boot it can take upto several attempts to get it to lock. Then again it doesn't help keeping your hand on the boot release button on the handle while closing it!!:think:
  10. nashchrs

    Do TT Quattro springs fit the A3 TQS?

    Would Have thought they would do but someone with more knowledge will come along soon. As for the TT Springs,How come you're using them over an aftermarket set with dampers etc?
  11. nashchrs

    312mm Brake Setup Available

    On another note would the 312mm Be a huge improvement over our kids 288mm standard setup?
  12. nashchrs

    312mm Brake Setup Available

    My Bro has just ordered some today For His Vrs!! There are 7 available for anyone wanting to upgrade or replace standard brakes for the 312mm which have come from a 225 TT and are a straight bolt on fit using existing hoses. I've been looking on the bay for a while now and these have sudenly...
  13. nashchrs

    Number Plate Plinth Rusty!! Replacement Needed!!

    Hi Guys, A Spot On My number plate plinth/the boot handle plinth?? Has a spot of rust on it, which when someone run into the back of me last year,was re painted. But obviously the rust has eaten into the paintwork!! I'm after a replacement and also wandering if anyone else has had issues of...
  14. nashchrs

    Whoops!!Stumbled Upon A Receipt For A Remap In My Wallet Full Of Receipts!!!.......

    It's still going well i hear,and in top condition! Yep! Sure Does Handle well, couldn't keep up round a couple of roundabouts on way home from work. And Finally Yes Very Small world!! On another note,it must make you quite pleased to know that it's on its 4th Owner and not one of them...
  15. nashchrs

    Whoops!!Stumbled Upon A Receipt For A Remap In My Wallet Full Of Receipts!!!.......

    Thanks for that Ess, I actually work with a bloke who bought your old S3 afaik, Andy! he's a relative as well!! Tried to keep pace round a few roundabouts but had no chance with the coilovers on his. Think the BBS's look stunning on it as well. Oh and i like the RS3 Badges, nice touch I...
  16. nashchrs

    Ausi S3(8L) vs. Everything Type R!

    Would Possibly Be More Suited Here: :whistle2:
  17. nashchrs

    Whoops!!Stumbled Upon A Receipt For A Remap In My Wallet Full Of Receipts!!!.......

    Well I was planning on a Remap for the S3 come March but looks like i won't need one as i (according to some paperwork) already have one!!:keule: I stumbled upon a reciept which was folded in half in my wallet full of paperwork only to find......... JBS CC Stage 1 Remap Forge 007p Green...
  18. nashchrs

    help...engine management power!

    Hmmmmmmm Strange!!! I Have The Same problem i think. On some days the turbo doesn't kick in at all and it's ridiculously slow!! Last year just after i bought the car a Saxo Vtr was glued to my bumper so i attempted to pull away from it. I Never Gained An Inch!! At The petrol station...
  19. nashchrs

    Ausi S3(8L) vs. Everything Type R!

    I Felt Like I Had to add a post to this interesting thread as i've owned a 306 Gti-6 & a Rallye. The Integra DC2 TR Is well known to be one of the best if not the best front drivers ever! But to be honest a 306 xsi would have no chance against a CTR. When i owned both the Rallye & GTI-6 i...
  20. nashchrs

    Newbie(Well Sort Of) With An S3..

    Also just a quick qu, why when i reply to this thread does it put the post above the original?? and how can i change that. My excuse is that im used to the forum which uses a very basic forum chat skin/interface lol.