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  1. dkelly

    Your mileage?

    Phantom.............. S3........................ 07....... June 2007.......... 6 Mths.......... 6670 CJP80.................. S3......................... 07........ Mar 2007........... 10 Mths....... 21,400 Gtijames.............. S3......................... 07....... Mar 2007........... 10...
  2. dkelly

    What mpg do the 140 guys get?

    Hi N8KOW I have now done 60k in mine in the last 2 years and the computer says 45mpg, but i have worked it out on several occasions as slightly more. I spend my on both motorways and in town so it is a good average. Between fill ups i get 520 miles on avg. unless i have been driving like an...
  3. dkelly

    Rear Washer

    Boydie, thanks. I have checked it all today and found the pipe was not completely connected but mainly the holes were clogged with salt. Thanks again. DK
  4. dkelly

    Rear Washer

    Hi guys My rear window washer has stopped working. It still wipes but doesn't wash. The reservoir is full and has been de-frosted as I have been using the front washers, but the rear just does not squirt. I assume it’s a pipe that has become frozen and then either burst or come away from a...
  5. dkelly

    Airbag Deactivation?

    I ordered one last week and it arrived today and has been fitted tonight in the dark in 20 mins max. I gave them the chassis number and they sent the part. The number told them the colour and spec. From your picture you don't have the switch where mine is.
  6. dkelly

    Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    Excellent shout Gilly. See here: DK
  7. dkelly

    Saab 900 turbo

    A T16S definately. But not the Carrlson version that was just plain ugly!
  8. dkelly

    Tyre Life

    I do 30k per year, mainly on motorways and i use Michelin Pilot Primacy. I was recommended these by a friend who has exactly the same car who does more mileage, both cars are 2.0 tdi 140's. We both have returned in excess of 30k miles per front pair and I personally got 32k out of my last set...
  9. dkelly

    Audi Driving Experience

    I have read this thread with a big smile, but I do kind of agree with bowfer. If you want a track day then great, but use a track car. If you want to be a better driver in a road car then use the IAM (thats free). The way I see it, it's horses for courses. I have done both an enjoyed both...
  10. dkelly

    A3 8P Buying Advice?

    I'm with Bowfer. Low 40's, the rest is a lie, and I do loads of motorway miles. In fact I have to say after may years of VW and Audi ownership I am coming around to bowfer's way of thinking on all things VAG:faint:. Considering my wife had an Alfa Spider, I am in agreement there as well. As...
  11. dkelly

    Emission Control System light's on.

    Hi Gti Jazz Blue I called Audi and my dealer and they said no as it was out of warranty so NO! They were quite straight about it. The car is 3 months and 2k miles out. Thanks for your help though. DK
  12. dkelly

    Emission Control System light's on.

    It was the throttle body that had jamed and caused the fuse to melt affecting a fan and the aircon. Al sorted now.
  13. dkelly

    Emission Control System light's on.

    Thanks for your help guy's. It was the EGR. APS diagnosed it and it'll be replaced on Thursday. Out of warranty unfortunately. but there you go. Once again thanks. DK
  14. dkelly

    Emission Control System light's on.

    I will check this thanks. I thought i read that somewhere else. i think you did it to stop the hesitation, and it did but left the light on. I still have my hesitation. I'll take it to APS tomorrow, as they a very local, and get it diagnosed. I have searched in here and it has happened to...
  15. dkelly

    Emission Control System light's on.

    As the title suggests the light has just come on. Does anyone have any answers. I have an (04) 2.0 tdi sport which has 62k on it and this light has just come on. There's no power loss, fuel consumption is the same, the engine runs fine, apart from the light you'd never know. I'll get it...
  16. dkelly

    2.0TDI Hesitation / Service Fix

    Mine too. I've got a 04 with 60k+ on it and it has had the same thing from the day i got it (18mths & 43k ago). I have had a re-flash and a new MAF and no change. They say there is nothing more they can do and I can't get them to recreate it everytime so the stealer can't be *****. I have...
  17. dkelly

    2.8 Quattro

    Hi Guy's I normally reside in the A3 section, but my wife has seen the light and wants a big powerfull estate. So I am looking at a '98 A6 Estate 2.8 Quattro tonight. Is there anything I need to know about these? Any help would be much a preciated. Cheers DK
  18. dkelly

    Vauxhall Monaro VXR

    Cool, but somehow cooler as a Holden! The 'V' badge lets it down.
  19. dkelly

    Momentary drop in revs at 82 MPH

    Would you believe it the oil light came on yesterday! :rolleyes:
  20. dkelly

    Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    Another no brainer. Probably the coolest looking car since the Lamborghini Muira