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  1. KR15

    Avant rear wash

    Ok, so I popped it all off. Surprisingly, my ham fisted ways have not damaged any more connecters. I could tell that there was a gap in the protective rubber housing so I just cut it open. Hose is split in half.
  2. KR15

    Avant rear wash

    Hi, Just a quick question I hope someone can help me with. My rear wash stopped working. It was squirting into the boot but also draining out past the amp and behind the rear wheel. I've taken the inner boot lining off the door and traced it back to the hinge on the boot drivers side it looks...
  3. KR15

    Car won't start. I am now sad.

    New battery in starting ok. Oh, and the skid warning went after 20m or so. I am now happy though minus cash monies :-(
  4. KR15

    Car won't start. I am now sad.

    Ok. So after a few tries this morning to get it going. I gave up. A mate has just been round with a diagnostic port tool. We plugged it in. No faults showing. Checked the multimeter on the battery, down to 9.4. Ok, so its been draining the battery. Put the multi meter across and tried starting...
  5. KR15

    Car won't start. I am now sad.

    Hi, Got in the car this morning and tried starting it. Starts to tick over but then stops. I thought it would be the battery but after much searching for my multimeter, it looks healthy. There are no errors showing on the dash other than the date has reset back to 2004. If anybody has any...
  6. KR15

    new phone but which one

    Had an HTC Desire for about a couple of weeks now. Been spot on. Easy to setup with my work email, wireless etc same at home. Screen is excellent. A lad at work has already "rooted" his and is applying custom ROMs to it. I'm not that brave. K
  7. KR15

    Wheel Fitment!

    5x112 for an A4 I believe K
  8. KR15

    Rear Wash Wipe Not Working

    Mine has done it this last week too. Hopefully I will just need to reattached the pipe.
  9. KR15

    Cat betrayed his girlfriend

    Lol, this is the cat equivalent of Stupid ginger chav cat. Should of got a kickin by the ex squaddie biker cat! Or the handbrake on the car could have failed, ending one of the worst sounds I've ever heard.
  10. KR15

    Death Star 9/11

    xV7Ha3VDbzE I think this is Genius. edit - Sorry it doesn't work unless you follow it to YouTube
  11. KR15

    A5 Created in MS Paint

    Lol, seems there is no limit to what you can accomplish in paint. I can see design studios throwing their Mac and copies of Photoshop out the window now.
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  13. KR15

    A5 Created in MS Paint

    Tracing is one thing, being able to reproduce that quality of picture in paint is something completely different. Its the equivalent of reproducing the Mona Lisa with a pack of crayons. You COULD trace it but it will still look like a 5 year old coloured it in. I'm guessing that even with a...
  14. KR15

    A5 Created in MS Paint

    These are epic skills. I thought Paint was a waste of HDD space but if you have the skills you don't need Photoshop. My only gripe is.. "if you are going to have a 7 min video. put a 7 min song on. Not a 3 minute one and silence. It was an uncomfortable silence." Lynard Skynard - Freebird or...
  15. KR15

    80's eighties music thread

    Tears for Fears - Head over Heals Mr Mister - Broken Wings Toto - Africa New Order - Blue Monday Simple Minds - Don't you forget about me Poptastic!
  16. KR15

    North East Scene!

    I would be up for this too.
  17. KR15

    fitted my 19s onn

    That looks awesome. Nice choice! :thumbsup:
  18. KR15

    A few questions unanswered - MP3

    I'd never heard of these. A quick look on the website shows it as discontiuned though plenty on ebay. Looks like it might be an option. Doesn't seem to suffer from the 6x99 track limit so they say. Will have a closer look I think. Thanks Xmay
  19. KR15

    A few questions unanswered - MP3

    Thanks for the replies. Its a B7 A4 and it's a concert2(edit). I'll get round to a sig at some point as I always forget the most useful info I see. So regardless of the medium I was playing the music from I'd always be stuck with same amount of tracks. I'd considered the RNS-E but didn't...
  20. KR15

    A few questions unanswered - MP3

    My last car had a multi-changer but with the A4 I'm back to a single slot which is driving me mad. I'm not bothered about the changer now and want to use my MP3 (non Ipod, I'm poor) or USB. A few things I haven't found 100% answers for on here though so someone might clarify for me. 1) From...