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  1. Ali_A7

    New tyres time

    I would have taken the quote to audi and got them to price match lol But then again Audi wouldn’t come out to you, you would have to take the car to them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ali_A7

    A7 3.0tdi 272 remap

    Amazing work! What’s the total cost for this including the downpipe? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ali_A7

    RS7 grill options

    Very nice [emoji1362] How much did the grille cost and how much was fitting? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ali_A7

    A7 3.0tdi 272 remap

    Yeah if it was the bitdi I wouldn’t be hesitant as it has the ZF box and can handle huge amounts of torque. Just a bit worried about the s tronic box in my 272 lol Your bitdi comes with 650nm torque and Audi put the ZF box in so makes me wonder how safe it is to map the 272 from 580nm torque...
  5. Ali_A7

    Quick Service,

    I can perhaps understand the rationale behind dashcams off as they say there is very expensive equipment in the workshop and footage could be used by potential thieves to identify tools and things to steal. But why would a tracker need to be disabled? Seems like they can’t be trusted to drive...
  6. Ali_A7

    A7 3.0tdi 272 remap

    Yeah that’s true, forgot about the s7 lol And yeah you’re right, bhp is fine, it’s the torque that I’m worried about. The A7 272 comes standard with 580nm/428ft-lb whereas the S7 450 comes standard with 550nm/406ft-lb.
  7. Ali_A7

    A7 3.0tdi 272 remap

    Have you had yours done? The figures are essentially similar to the bitdi standard figures. I’m just a little hesitant because I’m not sure how the s-tronic gearbox will handle the similar bhp and torque that the bitdi comes with (because the bitdi has an extra turbo and a stronger ZF gearbox)
  8. Ali_A7

    A7 3.0tdi 272 remap

    Hi guys, anyone with the 272 model and remapped it? What figures did you get? Did you check before and after on a dyno? Did you map the gearbox too? Any recommendations on reputable companies that do it?
  9. Ali_A7

    Petrol cap not opening

    sorry never mind I managed to find it in your about on your profile. Will message now. Thanks.
  10. Ali_A7

    Petrol cap not opening

    Sorry I’m new to the forum and can’t see any signatures for some reason?
  11. Ali_A7

    Joining the A7 Family

    Hi there, where did you get your black ring badges from? I’m looking for some for my 2015 A7.
  12. Ali_A7

    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    Just picked up this 2015 A7 3.0tdi 272 a couple of weeks ago
  13. Ali_A7

    Rear differential service - 2015 A7 3.0tdi 272

    Hi guys, new to the forum. I recently picked up a 2015 A7 3.0tdi 272 and was just wondering if other owners service the rear differential and change the oil? I have heard som say they do it at every 38k alongside the s tronic service, and others have said it should be done at 80k miles or 100k...
  14. Ali_A7

    Petrol cap not opening

    Hi there, I have the same issue on my 2015 A7. Where are you based and what would be the rough cost to fix this? Thanks.