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    Only the fronts have the lights
  2. phantom_s3

    Saloon 2019 shift indicator

    In my 2018 sport back to get the shift lights you have to be in manual with the gear stick pushed to the left, if you just use the paddles whilst in D or S they don’t work, assume the same for 2019 saloon
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    Genuine Audi RS3 FL Black Badge Set x4

    @T-800 the badges look great - I assume they didn't take long to fit ? for the rear did you heat up the old ones (hair dryer not blow torch) and remove with dental floss/fishing line ? did you remove the old glue ?how did you make sure they went back on in the same place - masking tape to mark...
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    So many problems since buying the rs3

    I maybe being stupid but if you disable keyless start how would you start the car there is no ignition for a key ?
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    Tyre pressure confusion

    The way that I have always read the label (it's very similar on all the VAG cars I have had) As I have the staggered set up only use the info in the red box Green box states the staggered set up tyre sizes 255 front 235 rear Front tyre pressures are in the blue box under the arrow from the...
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    Tyre pressure confusion

    39psi front 35psi rear or 44 & 39 if loaded up
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    Heated Seats?

    Hazzydayz retro fit at only £1750 + VAT !!!!!
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    Google traffic not working

    Mines the same too, worked this morning off again this afternoon, had a loan S5 yesterday and that wasn't working either just TMC Pro, definately something going on - it's been the same on my wife's Tiguan, which I assume must use the same tech. A few weeks back google earth was down. Think Audi...
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    Audi Online Traffic Down ?

    Anyone else having issues with online traffic (can only get TMC Pro) facelift 8V, I had a loan car today S5 and it wasn't working in that either. Have noticed issues over the last few days, and in my wife's VW Tiguan, so assuming there's a wider issue ?
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    Dent removal - how small is too small?

    I've had a similar one repaired, as long at the paint isn't broken - Dent Devils did mine £120 - can't see it at all now
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    Steering wheel factory defect issue

    On my previous 8V S3 one of the stitches had a lose thread my dealer changed the whole wheel under warranty no issue, (I expected them just to repair it) - I would have another conversation with your dealer and ask them to raise with Audi Uk, if no joy call Audi UK direct, if the dealer has...
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Here you go.... Page 3 of this thread there is a picture of mine, I think that's what you are after......
  13. phantom_s3

    A3 fan spray washers

    I've swapped these over on my RS3 fans are much better, can you adjust the spray/jets if so how ?
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    The 5500rpm cold start warning.

    Me too, but only on the first (cold) start of the day, I don't really notice it anymore unlike my squealing brakes...........
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    6 months in the waiting!

    this post may help I had the same issue and managed to fix it
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    Facelift Mag ride noise

    I had this one my s3 18 inch and mag ride, can't remember exactly but took it to the dealer and they lubricated part of the suspension that had dried out (might have been the mounts) but can't remember - I think a quick trip to the dealer and you'll get it sorted
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    Facelift Known fault with FL RS3 - ticking exhaust valve..

    Maybe I didn't blip it hard enough, anyway like you it really doesn't bother me, slightly curious to find out what it is, as long as it's not causing any harm then I'm good. Everyone seems worried that the FL doesn't make enough noise then when it does we don't like it either :grimacing:
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    Facelift Known fault with FL RS3 - ticking exhaust valve..

    Tried on mine this morning noise did go briefly but once revs settled did it again
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    Facelift Damaged a wheel

    So I've been looking into ways to get the logo put back on after a refurb according to my repairer it is a logo/sticker put on before the lacquer coats. They have been in contact with Audi and at the moment you don't seem to be able to get the logo's as a part (Reply they gave me "I have finally...
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    S3 (8v) To Scirocco R?

    So hopefully this will help - I went from a Scirocco R to an S3 8V. Mine was a 2011 Scirocco R which had 261bhp I know the new one has been updated. The Scirocco was a very good car and I loved it, solid VW great for everyday use and a good turn of speed when you wanted to have some fun...