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  1. jonS3

    Best looking B5 saloon you've ever seen? discuss....
  2. jonS3

    Traffic cops - BBC1

    what goes around comes around
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    S3 owners changing prefacelift to facelift headlamps

    if you do find some facelift head lights, it's not an easy swap, took me about 8 hours, and you need to cut the inner wings and other parts....
  4. jonS3

    Bilstein B8's/H&R Springs/KW Tie Bars anyone?

    change of plan means I have an as new set of S3 Bilstein B8 dampers, -25mm H&R springs, and KW tie bars. This seems to be the most recommended set-up for an S3, these are ready to fit please see classified post:
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    More suspention questions
  6. jonS3

    Spare parts for headlights..

    pm sent
  7. jonS3

    Spare parts for headlights..

    I had the same problem with my headlights, the white clip had broken. Can't buy them seperately but I have a few similar clips which fix it perfectly!
  8. jonS3

    18 x 9 ET35

    I had 18x9 Oettingers on the back of mine with no problems, think the offset was Et35
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    thinking of selling my S3, standard or not?

    I'm thinking of selling my S3, it's a 2000 X reg pre-facelift The car was resprayed by Listers Audi Paint & Body centre just over a year ago so is excellent condition (also had the common roof rail warranty work carried out at the same time), looks like it's done 10k 117,000 miles. All...
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    Why have I had no interest in my car???

    hi Ian, did you still want to sell your suspension seperately?
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    S3 buying??!!

    my S3 has 117k on it now on a 2000 X reg. just make sure all the major things have been done like clutch/flywheel, cambelt. Expect to change suspension parts like roll bars/bushes/wishbone bushes etc.. as they do tire at higher mileage... engine wise, if it's been serviced by Audi...
  12. jonS3

    has anyone tried this...

    i'd like to see a pic of the vent fitted in the car with with it working as i'm sure would others
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    Rear diff noisy.

    what about the actual diff oil? has that been changed? I get bored of typing this, but the haldex has it's own oil and filter, and the diff has it's own oil.....
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    has anyone tried this...

    yeh i have to agree, the vent does look a bit poor, the screen looks like it needs to be bigger to fill the area, i'm thinking ash tray too, or maybe a DIY job somewhere else.. when are these ready to buy?
  15. jonS3

    Still for sale....

    some good pics and £5995 and it will sell in no time
  16. jonS3

    has anyone tried this...

    I've got a pre-faclift. The best place for me would be the right hand centre air vent. Would it be possible to produce one for there on an exchanged basis?
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    Fastest S3

    also, who cares?
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    Fastest S3

    what about that crazy RS4 engined S3?
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    Change of plan!!

    why did your engine die at 95k?
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    APS - Anyone used them?

    I've used them for a couple of years now, it's a good 30 miles away, but worth the extra drive, always very helpful and courteous