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  1. Spacemonkey

    Spacemonkey's Avant

    Still sat in the garden if anyone is interested....
  2. Spacemonkey

    Spacemonkey's Avant

    So... last January I had Adamss24 (Chris) change the camshafts and all the belts, water pump etc etc for the top job German cams. I changed the HID bulbs to 5k and that solved the light issues! I also had a myopic driver park his mirror in the rear door edge on the driver's side which caused a...
  3. Spacemonkey

    who has the biggest mileage a4?

    212k or so. was 184k when I bought it 1 year ago. Would have been more but did 8k in the VW van and 5k on the VFR bike, 2k on the old bike and 1k on the Monkey bike.
  4. Spacemonkey

    Curious incident of the wipers in the night....

    Sussed it- the steel right angled bracket that connects the motor to the arms is cracked 75% of the way across the bent part allowing rotational movement in the assembly which lifts the blades off the screen. New one ordered... Gonan try a temp fix til the new ones arrive using chemical metal...
  5. Spacemonkey

    B6 tyres

    I've nearly killed a set of Vredestein Ultrac Vortis in 235/40/18 after 30k miles on a hard driven Quattro 180 and I highly rate them! Still fairly grippy- only a slight shimmy on bumpy wet corners and still quiet.
  6. Spacemonkey

    Avant Question

    That's what I thought and mine were fine! Until Chris Adams took the rockers off and they were shot except the ones that were visible under the filler cap... He's yer man to replace it all. Top job and a shed load cheapeer than elsewhere.
  7. Spacemonkey

    New to B6's

    When I was 17 I had a boring Mk3 escort and the insurance was a weeks wages at the time and 10% of the car value. Things have definitely changed!! My second car, after 6 months was a 2.8I Ghia X Granada, which though it was a comfy old man's car, it went like stink compared to my mate's boy...
  8. Spacemonkey

    Curious incident of the wipers in the night....

    So, the other day I noticed the passenger side wiper was missing a big patch in th emiddle of it's screen about halfway through it's path. This got bigger over a few days until nearly all the middle pass of the passenger side was skipped. Now both blades had been making a noise for a while so I...
  9. Spacemonkey

    Blacksmoke Remap 2.5 V6 180

    Good stuff to hear. You could email Blacksmoke and mention it and see what he says. Do you notice a big difference from the normal map?
  10. Spacemonkey

    Blacksmoke Remap 2.5 V6 180

    How did you get on with this? Now Adams24 has done my cams and all is running great I'm looking at a remap. I had a Blacksmoke on my Golf and loved it so he's my first port of call..
  11. Spacemonkey

    NO BOOST help help help!!!

    Try the simple things first. My Vw van did the same thing... and it was simply blowing off an intercooler pipe. There was no noise just a loss of power like the turbo had been switched off. Luckily I'd guessed as much as I'd just finished taking the alternator out and back in which meant...
  12. Spacemonkey

    help 2.5 tdi rockers

    He's right- he has just done mine (replaced all cams and rockers etc) and what a difference it has made. Sooo much quieter, smoother and more economy to boot. Actually, it is running the way Audi told it to in the first place. Not bad for 199k miles... Can't remember hiow many for certain but...
  13. Spacemonkey

    Fmic set-up

    All I've seen on there are 1.9 bits though...? Hopefully I've just secured a used one of ebay so finger's crossed it's ok. They're not far from me if it's shagged....
  14. Spacemonkey

    Fmic set-up

    Trying to find any is the hard part!!
  15. Spacemonkey

    who has the biggest mileage a4?

    To add to mine, I currently do about 200 miles a day in it on my commute. It'll soon rack up...
  16. Spacemonkey

    who has the biggest mileage a4?

    198k odd on my 2.5tdi QS. Did all the suspension when I got it 20k ago and just had Adams24 do the cams and belts etc a couple of weeks ago. Still goes like stink...
  17. Spacemonkey

    Fmic set-up

    I need one for my 2.5 180 tdi. My driver's side intercooler is leaking and it would probably be cheaper to go FMIC so any suggestions..?
  18. Spacemonkey

    According to Halfords the rear wiper is for life!

    Mine's a 51 and has no problem unbolting the arm and also unclipping the blade. I discovered after a long trawl that I have a Q5 rear arm/blade though, btu shouldn;t make a difference.
  19. Spacemonkey

    A4 B6 avant Microphone placement?

    Mine sits on the little bit of black trim that juts out below the clocks above the steering column. Works fine..
  20. Spacemonkey

    B4 Bilsteins and other work!

    I fitted Bilstein B4s in Sport spec (as mine is a Q sport) with standrad Sport springs. I read that Sport suspension is a bit firm so thought it would be ok. As it is, it grips and handles fantastically, and is Uber comfortable, but slightly bouncy at times. Always controlled but could do with...