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  1. finesse

    Back in S3 number 4!

    Great find!
  2. finesse

    W3STY's Progress Thread

    End of an era. TDI = future.
  3. finesse

    Car sounds like a tracktor on cold start.

    Common fault on these engines ; cam chain tensioner - DIY How to replace valve cover gasket plus cam tensioner gasket / half moon seal
  4. finesse

    New owners S3 progress thread

    Looks fantastic, well done. What spec? Factory extras?
  5. finesse

    Just bought an S3 but there are a couple of niggles...

    Silicone spray sorts the squeaking seats. get a diagnostic scan organised to see what recurring faults keep appearing.
  6. finesse

    Newbie after advice

    Just to add, I recommend the Koni suspension, great ride and handling.
  7. finesse

    My minor modding thread

  8. finesse

    VI Performance Monitoring System

    Tuffty, can you please post a link to the Bluetooth obd unit?
  9. finesse

    Power steering coding - how to?

    Can someone please enlighten me on the procedure for coding a replacement power steering pump to a 2001 Fabia AUB engine ECU? The pump failed, now replacement to be fitted. Thanks
  10. finesse

    Another 8L Track Car - Lets get ready to 'Ruuuuuuuumble'!

    Welly, have you considered the SEAT Ibiza Cupra , much better chassis compared to the 8L
  11. finesse

    The new S3 has been officially revealed, what do 8L owners think and want from it?

    Watch the S3, understeer everwhere , but sounds very Audi Quattro - esque Audi S3 Footage - YouTube
  12. finesse

    Peter Norris Audi Specialist in Clapham - Don't bother!!!

    Russell Automotive North London 4Rings London (Mobile) AmD Essex MRC Fontains QST
  13. finesse

    Bye bye Audi :(

    Good luck Tim :)
  14. finesse

    Bye bye Audi :(

    Good luck Tim :)
  15. finesse

    How much for "good" S3?

    Bargains to be had, look around
  16. finesse

    Another good bye...

    Thanks to everyone for their help especially tuffty, westy, welly, S3baby and aragon. My S3 was driven off by the new owner 2 days ago . Now driving a SEAT Ibiza TDi, fun light and very agile. Do i miss it? Noooo and yes, great car but highly strung, would I get another? Never Biggest...
  17. finesse

    'Wellycooler' fitting

  18. finesse

    Central Locking with key help

    Hi all, I have a Mk3 SEAT Ibiza TDi with a central locking issue. The remote locking is not functional but the central locking is fine. No errors logged in vcds and the key battery is fine, also no Immobilizer issue How can I used vcds to program the key to unlock the car remotely?
  19. finesse

    Brothers.... Lend me your ears.... do I return to the fold?

    :s3addict: Audi : 2001 Audi S3 Fully Loaded
  20. finesse

    Buying new car, Info wanted

    Have a look Audi : 2001 Audi S3 Fully Loaded