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  1. PW-Motorsport

    BIG belt job on my S4

    However if you do the job for a living/correctly this is what you should do.
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    Air con smells

    As above, Try this stuff fire half the can into the aircon drain, works a treat. Wurth Air Conditioning Disinfectant Spray 300ml | eBay
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    BIG belt job on my S4

    The hole for the crank lock pin is on the right side of the block, near to the rear of the aircon pump. You need to remove the plastic blanking plug held in with a 10mm bolt. With the engine @ TDC screw in the locking tool, you may need to move the crank/engine on the dwell of TDC a little to...
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    Tyre offers

    Best to call for the current offers..
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    brake pads for 3.2????

    I supply Pagid discs and pads as a reliable alternative to Gen Audi. For example 312mm front discs and pads for a 03 TT are £89.99 Give me a ring for exact costs.
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    Tyre offers

    Some prices for you inc VAT 235/35x19 Kendra £75.60 Primewell £84.20 Nexon £95 Avon £114 Conti SP3 £180 Toyo PXT1-£199.20 225/35x19 similar money slightly less choice. Please call for details.....
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    Audi OEM parts - painted or not?

    There are a number of parts that are now supplied painted ready to fit. Many bumpers for example I buy new, ex dealer stock are factory painted.
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    2.0tdi cylinder heads issues

    You should do a block/gas test prior to purchase. Use a testing kit to draw/sniff the gas in the coolant tank. If co2 is present the tester liquid will change colour. If there is an amount of co2 in the coolant tank you may have an issue. Take the car for an extended drive then test...
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    2004 A3 2.0 TDI juddering and struggling to start?

    Dan As suggested by James above. If the cam belt has stretched a little, the cam/injector timing will be out. This will cause a poor start, without fault codes. If the belt has been changed without using the correct crank tool and cam pins, the timing references will be from the old belt. I...
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    Something to put you off that "trip to the Nordschleife"

    Is that not part of the attraction of track driving? The fear and potential costs tend the focus the enjoyment. When sitting in the pub after you feel good for the experience. I tend to enjoy a rapid spin out on a fast motorcycle, if you get it wrong it will be serious. When you have a "close...
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    Air con problem wont turn on ?

    It switches off the aircon pump at temps. under 5 deg.
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    Tyre offers

    225/40x18 Fullrun XL £49.99 225/40x18 Capitol XL £47.50 225/45x17 Capitol XL £44.99 205/55x16 Pirelli P6000 £49.99 Prices inc vat free delivery on two or more. Please call for details. Philip 01437 563929
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    Where are you Phil?

    Sorry chaps, phone is often better these days as I tend to get snowed under with emails and general "how do you do this" type PM/emails. If its a quick question, or a price quote, its best to call in the morning tend to be in the workshop after lunch.
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    Aircon advice

    Below 5 deg the aircon pump switches off.....
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    It's a long shot, but...

    I think the RSII finished production around 2002. Not sure if they were ever produced with a high enough offset for the 8P A3. There was a similar OE Audi wheel produced for the MK1 TT but this would be the wrong PCD (5x100). Only current BBS aftermarket wheel in the correct fitment is the...
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    loss of power 2.5 tdi quattro

    Get the pump timing checked. Check to condition of cam belts and pump belt. Take it to a garage that has a good knowledge this engine.....
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    Air Conditioning Compressor Trips out at Idle

    Check what pressure you have in the aircon system when it it running at idle 4/6 bar should be about correct on a 10/15deg day. If the pressure climbs on start and the fans have not cut in, check the power to the fans.
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    54 a3 tdi 140 coolant lose/cracked cylinder head check?

    Sorry, k seal and rad weld are just temp bodges.......
  19. PW-Motorsport

    54 a3 tdi 140 coolant lose/cracked cylinder head check?

    Worth doing a block test. Use a testing kit to check the co2 on the coolant. This will confirm if head is cracked. The ones I have seen, crack in the exhaust port. I charge £1200 to replace the head with a new gen Audi. Fully built up with new cams, valves, head gasket, head bolts etc.
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    what does SE mean on a a4 avant

    SE Slow and expensive? As suggested above, bit more kit fitted.