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  1. Defratos

    APR Presents: 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Pulley Upgrade

    Wow this is weird, how come no one replied or commented on this? Has anyone actually installed the APR pulley in the UK? it seems like a huge success in the states.
  2. Defratos

    Installing new Bulbs

    Hi Guys, My cousin has the Audi S8 2008 or 2007 model I believe, He has bought new bulbs for his headlights and I'm having trouble finding any sort of DIY on how to go about replacing the bulbs. Can it be done from under the wheel well? or is it a bumper off job? I was looking at...
  3. Defratos

    New Goodies on my G35

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share my new mods on my car I know I haven't been around for a while but living in this country and not owning an Audi kinda justifies it :happy:, anyway just wanted to share my new toys, hope you like. I know Infiniti's are still rare in the UK but they should be...
  4. Defratos

    Spacers for 2007 Audi S8

    Hi guys, I've been trying to find 15mm spacers for a 2007 Audi S8, but I can't seem to find a set anywhere. Can someone help me out and show me where I can buy a set? Also do I need to do any measurements or would the extended bolts that come with the kit would be what I need...
  5. Defratos

    S3 armrest stuck in upright position

    Thanks for the contact Rob, I decided to come and try and find the thread you were talking about. I've sent you a reply with the link on Driver but here's the link for anyone still having problems with their armrest----->
  6. Defratos

    Fitting Aftermarket wheels

    Hi guys I've got a 2008 Audi RS4 with OEM rims (19x9) I believe offset 29 I want to install some Yokohama Advan rims which are 19x9 offset 25, but I wanted to ask: a) Would I need an adaptor? b) Can I use the OEM bolts?
  7. Defratos

    Audi 2007 S8 Aftermarket Brake pads

    Hi guys, I've got a 2007 Audi S8 with ceramic discs (OEM). I've found that the standard break pads are not up to the bite that I need. It seems to fade and not stop when trying to do an emergency stop from high speeds. I've been looking around for aftermarket Pads to install but I wanted...
  8. Defratos

    The best the internet has to offer.... <--- Best forum in the world, sorry AS :sorry:
  9. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Yup actually I was thinking of seeing if any forum members were interested in buying it, I love the way it feels and handles, so smooth eventhough the whole suspension setup has been changed, I think the upgraded Haldex has made the biggest difference.
  10. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Ohh my bad lol, didn't even remember it looks so odd, thanks for bringing back old memories though :beerchug:
  11. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Well I've still got my S3 back in London, but I'll be selling it off this time when I go back over :blownose:, I'll really miss her but she's got to go because I'm hardly in the country anymore. OMG that exhaust should only be only Mitsuis and Scoobys, they look ridiculous on anything else...
  12. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Hi Ming thanks, you guys should be getting the Infiniti in 2010, but it'll be with a 3.7L engine instead of a 3.5L. The car is sooo much fun, being RWD it's very happy going side ways at the tap of the gas....Lovin it, it took me a while to be confident in driving it since it's RWD, being used...
  13. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Yup I agree, I did take the pic from an angel that you wouldn't usually view. and the tips are Titanium not just blue :p, so they actually change colour depending on the weather and heat. Yeah the viewing angel was wrong but it just to show people on my other forum how they look, and the...
  14. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    lol Actually it's more like I caught someone's rear end a few weeks back, it's all good though because my new Sport bumper should be arriving tomorrow, it'll be a one of a kind bumper over here, I'll post pics once it's installed
  15. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Hey dude what's up, yeah the hot weather is like 24/7 none stop, honestly it just started to get cold and by that I mean 29c at night!! lol. You honestly have to see the tips in real life, I wasn't sure at first myself but once on I've been convinced, also they change colour depending on how...
  16. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    ohh actually I've posted a video up, how do you guys like the sound?
  17. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    aww c'mon guys stop being so picky :nunu:, lol all the aftermarket exhausts for the Infiniti G35 are like this if not worse so ignore the cans :rolleyes:
  18. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Hey Jojo, nice hearing from you dude, long time. lol I know the cans kinda look big but honestly they're not as bad as they seem in the pics, they're actually only marginally bigger than the OEM ones. I also crouched down to take that pic so usually you don't seem them like that. The exhaust...