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    Failing heater flap and it's infuriating clicking

    Bump... Anyone, anyone, Bueller??
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    Failing heater flap and it's infuriating clicking

    Right, the car is driving me mental, and any help would be massively appreciated! I've got a constant clicking sound from the heater, regardless of whether the heater is switched on or off. I've taken the heater motor out and the fan itself is absolutely fine, it seems it's the flap behind...
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    Power steering pump failed! Argh!

    Had my power steering fail completely a couple of weeks ago. It had been sitting for a few weeks, took it out the garage and straight away the whine was noticable. I drove it down to the petrol station and it got significantly louder so I drove it home and by the time I got there, there was no...
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    Gauging interest - team dynamics pro race 1.2 - potential group buy

    I could be very interested depending on how much they'd be going for.
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    Ultimate VAG trackday - Brands Hatch August bank holiday Saturday 25th

    Just dropped Mark an email, definitely up for this. Good work boys! 1. Prawn + Bigal - A3 track car 2. Frenchman - A3 turbo 3. Paradox - Golf GTi 4. jcs356 (Jason) - Cordoba SX 16v track car 5. Piester - S3 hybrid
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    Going Hybrid

    My car is in with Bill at the moment to have: AH v2 FMIC fitted Forged and drilled rods XS manifold XS DP and cat Custom map Then as he was taking it apart, saw that the stock K04 was completely shagged which wasn't surprising as I was running a very lean MTM map (stock fueling) at 26psi...
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    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    It's back on the first page in the update section which is what I've based my purchases on. I've got 2x90 deg alloy bends and 2x90 deg silicone bends, all 63mm with jubilees. What I'm not so sure on is whether I need to replace the stock hose that come off the charge pipe to the SMIC and the...
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    notchy gearchange s3?

    Try new dogbone mounth bushes, they are cheap as chips and certainly helped my gearchange. Just make sure you get the red Powerflex ones (for diesels). POWERFLEX GOLF MK4/BORA TDI ENGINE MOUNT DOGBONE BUSH | eBay
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Went to install my AMSS today and couldn't get the panel back on after the sub was in place as this was in the way under the alarm module (the one covered in the foam). As it wasn't on Andy Mac's instructions and because it taped together and looked pretty shoddy I decided to cut it out...
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    Kent Garage Big Up!!

    4rings are quality, always use them and recommend to everyone!
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    RS4 Alloys Which Ones??

    Tuffty mate - What spacers do you run with the rstt's? what's the offset?
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    Ever wanted a v12 transplant?!...

    How much effort, but how ****** cool... yesuswilder10's Channel - YouTube Not sure it'll do much for the 0-60 time though
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    Jetex, How Did You Fit Yours ??

    I had exactly the same issue when I fitted mine so decided to make my own heatshield to make sure the MAF was fully secured. It definitely does the job.
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    Aud S3 Speaker Problem

    Mine's the same as yours Vegas, really annoying when it happens. Was going to check the sub/rears amp wiring this weekend to see if something's come loose.
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    DYNO DAY-ASN Sunday 30th October 2011

    Thought that might be the case Welly. I spoke to Bill a couple of days ago and he said with that and my potential turbo stall, that it's probably a full days work so will have to give it a miss. No point doing a dyno run when I know she's not running properly. Pretty annoying! Need to sort my...
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    DYNO DAY-ASN Sunday 30th October 2011

    I reckon I'd be up for popping along. I'll have to make an early start to get over there, but might be interesting to see how an MTM fares up against the usual revo, CC and R-Tech maps. I don't suppose there's any chance of being able to get by downpipe fitted whilst I'm there, is there?
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    3" Downpipe - Fitting Instructions?

    Nice one lads, all good responses. Sounds like a pig of a job but reckon I'll try and give it a go. Will try and get some photos as well if I remember. In terms of other bits I need to get, will I need new subframe bolts, turbo gasket/bolts, exhaust grease/sealent (for want of a better word)...
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    3" Downpipe - Fitting Instructions?

    Excellent news. So I should be able to just do this on a pair of ramps then you reckon? So mark the subframe up, drop it slightly, undo turbo to dp bolts, slide off cat-back, rip the old one out, pop the new one in with new gasket/bolts and reverse?
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    3" Downpipe - Fitting Instructions?

    Like probably a hundred other people on here, I've just bought the new XS Power 3" downpipe and cat. It all looks spot on, well done Welly for all the perseverance, you're a legend for getting that sorted! So from what I've read on fitting one on an S3, there's the hard way (removing the head)...
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    Spot what's missing

    Ok, feel a bit better about it if is something that just happens from time to time. I was wondering why someone would want to steal such a crap thing. Just need to find a noggy breaking somewhere I guess. Anyone?