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  1. Av4nt

    Sad times :( bye to Audi for now..

    I'm still in mourning that the Mrs has dropped the house hunting/deposit bomb and have had to part ways with my S6 :( Many of you have done the same for similar reasons im sure. I miss it terribly! Gone right back into a complete shed of a diesel runabout. Admittedly the money saving is...
  2. Av4nt

    Anyone with experience of Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tyres?

    Looking at new tyres in the medium price range. Anyone running Toyo Proxes T1's? £110 a corner for 19" currently. I took a agamble after buying the car with running what it had on there.... Accelera PH1 budgets lol. Figured Id just get the use out of them and they have lasted just fine and they...
  3. Av4nt

    Atendees for ADI 2016

    can we pay ourselves via autometrix before the event or can we pay at the event? I assume its limited on space waiting for the day?
  4. Av4nt

    Atendees for ADI 2016

    Anyone sorting the track out this year or just paying it as we go?
  5. Av4nt

    AITP pictures?

    T8ups car what a weapon! and those brakes!!!!!!!
  6. Av4nt

    Atendees for ADI 2016

    1. JoJo - 8L S3 2. DJAlix - A3 8V Saloon 3. Av4nt - C6 S6 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  7. Av4nt

    PO PO Police

    WEst Yorkshire have a marked Insignia VXR also :)
  8. Av4nt

    A6 Avant wheel compatibility?

    So you think they would fit on mine?
  9. Av4nt

    A6 Avant wheel compatibility?

    Ive been looking into this for ages as im looking at New Bola ZZR wheels on my C6 S6. Im currently running 9J 19" ET52 with 235/35/19 And the Bolas are 9.5J 19" ET45 which recommend 245...255/35/19. I have emailed demon tweeks awaiting an answer with compatibility for ET45 against the front...
  10. Av4nt

    RS6 Pedals?

    Any of you RS6 C6 (or C7 if they fit the same) owners happen to have a set of Auto RS6 pedals for sale at the moment? Id like to upgrade mine in my S6 cheers
  11. Av4nt

    Average Mpg?

    Mines usually around 10.8mpg lol got it to 27.6 on a long run a few days ago.
  12. Av4nt

    Awesome Front Splitter

    They are two separate parts that go on either side
  13. Av4nt

    Motorway Camera Flashes?

    ANPR cameras don't flash so wouldn't have been those. Was it a variable speed limit area? usually in queues and built up traffic they will operate when a variable limit is in temp operation
  14. Av4nt

    RIP Muhammad Ali

    and now we have the likes of Flloyd mayweather... complete knob
  15. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    Or shell points for free fuel :)
  16. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    If they recommend that for the 3.0 then fair enough. I wouldn't have thought the Shell website itself is uninformed internet hearsay however either
  17. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    Maybe youve only just discovered shell fuels RyanJonS4 lol...stop using tesco and you might learn a few things
  18. Av4nt

    S5 4.2 good buy?

    I think the B8 S5 looks gorgeous! One of the nicest Looking audi models imo. Mines in the £500+ tax band aswell now, definite downside:tired:
  19. Av4nt

    The all new a5/s5 coupe

    Err that's the first thing I thought before reading your post!
  20. Av4nt

    Shell V-Power vs Tesco Momentum

    3.0L TFSI S4 I would not class a normal engine! Normal is indeed like 1.6 - 2.0L bog standard non modified etc. I used to run my old A4 TFSI on normal grade unleaded. As soon as I went to the S4 I started using V power. Whilst im not actually an expert on fuels I just think these sorts of...